Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Stunning Autumn in Snowdonia national park 2nd Nov

After all the recent trips up to the Cumbria i thought a change of scenery was in order, i haven't been to Snowdonia that much this year so with the autumn colours looking good and a bit of snow on the mountain tops it was a perfect time to have a look around my favourite spots :)

I have just come through the village of Llanrwst  and having taken the road over the bridge heading to Trefriw ,i have turned off to go through the forest towards Hafna where the old mine workings are.  the colours are looking really good this year.

                                    here are some of the mine buildings all overgrown now

            looking across in the opposite direction looking towards the snow capped mountains

it looks stunning with the coloured trees around the mine workings and snow on the top of Moel Siabod in the distance  ( i think   lol )

i have now driven down to Cors Bodgynydd nature reserve to have a look around,this is where i photograph Dragonflies and Damselflies in the summer HERE , i have come across three long horns grazing, the back lighting looks really nice in this image :)

                                  a couple of images looking across Llyn Bogynydd

i am now heading for a quick look at Llyn Geirionydd now, the road runs along its shore line so easy to see if any good photo opportunities.  its looking good and zooming in with long lens the colours look great!

leaving this lake i have now moved on to visit the viewpoint looking over the valley near to swallow falls , i stop to take this image first before walking through the forest.

getting to the viewpoint , the view is stunning today, beautiful colours and snow capped mountains!  don't think we see this very often in uk!

i have now driven up the main road along the Ogwen valley past Llyn Ogwen and have parked near to the white cottages to begin my walk up the cym idwal waterfalls up to Llyn Idwal beneath the Devils Kitchen.     here is the view from the path at the start of the walk looking at Tryfan covered in snow :)

The classic view taken from next to the wooden bridge looking up the waterfall and the "lone tree" with
 Y Garn in the background , must climb up there soon me thinks :D

the path weaves its way all way up to the lake from here , also the path divides and goes up to another set of waterfalls on its way up to Llyn Bochlywd and then up to TRYFAN

As i walk/clamber up the waterfalls path i shoot the different views as i go , the light is constantly changing and the blue sky keeps getting clouded out!   Arghhhhh

                     The view down the path looking towards Llyn Ogwen,lovely blue sky now!

i have made it up to the lake, but the light is awful now , bloody typical as it was really nice 10 mins ago while on way up!     makes for an atmospheric image with the Devils Kitchen behind :)

a huge hail storm has just come over the Glyders range but luckily it has just missed me and is heading down the Nant Ffrancon valley.  looks a bad one !

walking down the main path now it is starting to sleet and snow  , but still great views , think i will head down to visit another final waterfall before heading home .

nearing the bottom of the path the sky has turned blue again, amazing how quickly it changes up here!

i will now drive down the Nant Ffrancon valley towards Bethesda and stop off at waterfalls at the bottom end of the valley , there is a great view just next to the car park looking back up towards the mountains :D

                                                     the falls in their autumn glory

that was a great day travelling around all my favourite spots , just need more snow now :)


  1. Love the shot of the Long Horn and ALL the water ones - gorgeous :-)


  2. Superb landscape shots Phil. All are beautiful but I was particularly struck by shots 9, 12 and 21.
    Grandeur of landscape always lifts the spirits.

  3. Breathtaking scenery Phil. Superb captures.

  4. Love the waterfall and streams with the snowy mountains behind. Love the Long Horn one too like Tracey says. Lovely photos.... ;-)