Monday, 31 December 2012

Dino Adventure sep 17 th 2012

For a change, a quick trip to Chester zoo as the weather not too good, especially for the mountains.   really enjoy going to the zoo , always something to photograph but this time it was a fun day walking around the Dino exhibit :)

but first, a few shots from around the Zoo on the way to the gardens where the Dino's are set out.
first to see where the bush dogs, always fun to watch running around following each other :D

                            walking past the raptors i have managed a shot of one of the owls in the aviary

           and one of the two gorgeous tiger cubs :)  which have now been sent away to form new breeding pairs in Europe :(    will miss seeing them!

       Right!  its Dino time, i have not a clue what to expect. starting next to the "realm of the  Comodo dragon "   with this bronze statue

walking through the entrance i can see a small Dino in the bushes  but then came face to face with this!!!!!!

  i have just been soaked as it spits water! wtf!     so funny really :D  very realistic with all parts animated moving backwards and side to side then bending down to eye level .

  further down the path i have come across this huge head!   haha  not moving though

                                around the corner is Triceratops with little babies :) cute!

                                                 they merge is so well in with the gardens

                                                                peanut head Dino :)

                                                    must be feeding time for the Dino's lol

                                                Tyrannosaurus Rex , with a youngster

baby in the bushes :D

stuck in the mud???????

that was the last of the Dino exhibits

walking around the rest of the i take a few shots before it starts to rain, sigh!

                                                 a face only a mother could love  haha

i have taken shelter in the tropical house, but is so dark in here i am really struggling to  shoot anything, managed this lovely image using iso 4000 to get enough shutterspeed.

                       i have chased this sunbittern around for ages , this is the best i can get.

i stop off in the jaguar house, not a sign of the big cats but for once the sloth is in a position to photograph is face!  Yay    iso 6400 for this one as its very dark , but is first time i have ever seen its face :D

                             the end of a unusual day to say the least , really enjoyed it :D


  1. Well that was different!Oh that 'ugly' baby is so cute - those hairy ears... The bush dog is lovely too :-)

  2. Looks like you had a great time Phil.
    The dino exhibits look interesting.
    All the best for this year.