Monday, 10 December 2012

Blizzards and Rainbows Helvellyn pt2 1 nov 2012

             Continuing the trip , as you can see i am in a complete "white out" cant see a thing now!
                                                                     Except a cairn!

looking at the conditions i have decided to turn back, i am not going to get any pics up here and think it better to re trace my fast disappearing footsteps back down, as luck would have it, it was the best decision i made , but i didn't know that until a bit later !    the snow is now about 6 inches and its falling thick and fast.  i am slowly making my way back to the crags and the steep path back down, which by now is covered in snow and really treacherous underfoot.carefully making my way down the steep path i notice the cloud starting to break so i am traversing across the fell side heading towards Thirlmere to hopefully get a good view of the sun coming through the cloud.

i am now making my way towards the two boulders in the centre of the above image and around the corner to get a better view of the fell side , it is extremely slippy on the snow covered grass/moss so i am being extra careful not to slip. look at the light now!  amazing as it lights up the fell side larch.

moving further around the fell side to shoot across to Armboth fell  behind Thirlmere , the clouds are swirling around, being lit up by the sun through breaks in the low cloud :)   this is a superb sight to see.

look at this now, truly a stunning site to behold, it never amazes me what the weather can do when up in the mountains :)   ever changing conditions mean i am just snapping away and see what i come up with.  this image is definitely one of my favourites :)

the view is constantly changing , got to make the most of this as it will be snowing in a few minutes i guess looking at what is coming towards me. this might be fun :)

Well! i was correct, its snowing hard now, horizontal in the strengthening wind. getting very cold now with the windchill , look at the snow in these two pics :)

big flakes now and there are quite a few people climbing up now but the weather is going to be on/off all day i presume!

i have now reached the lower slopes and the sun has broken through and its Rainbow time  Yay :D  always love to see rainbows, brings a big smile everytime :)  but have never found the pot of gold!

           suns out but look at the dramatic sky that's still coming this way , think its going to get bad.

the rain is coming down hard, with sleet mixed in, my so called waterproof coat is not as specified any more!   i am getting very wet now  Arghhh.  but these conditions are really producing amazing images :)

the sun has appeared again and the sky is brightening ,  but don't think it will be for long :)    i have nearly reached the bottom and will take a drive around the back road around Thirlmere to shoot the reflections and colours now

it has been an eventful morning so far, amzing time watching the natural forces doing their best work :)   off to the car park now, then a short drive around the lake before heading of somewhere else for the rest of the day :)


  1. Beautiful clouds and mist. But the rainbow steals the show. Amazing there was so much snow near the top and none lower down.
    Great photos again :-)

  2. thanks Tanya, yes but appears normal this year doesnt it . love rainbows :D

  3. Those photos of the clouds hanging at same level as you are great... amazing shots great blog :)