Monday, 28 January 2013

i- Phone Sledging and Laughter on Twitteratti walk Grasmoor pt2

Continuing the story of the Coledale horseshoe walk that went wrong :)

the First part ended with the group at the base of Grasmoor , we started climbing up the steep slope which was icy with a frozen crust on the snow.

                                           a breath taking view of the Helvelyn range in the distance.

                                                    icy slopes and superb views :D

            we made our way up towards the first summit cairn which was where all the fun began :)

just as i got to the summit , almost last as i was taking loads of pics on these slopes, i had just shot this  wonderful image WHEN!

It was brownie time, Dave took the box from Gina , handed the first to Tanya then a cry  "my phone"  was heard as Gina's beloved i-phone in its Shiny red case slipped from her hand and started its very own imitation of a bob sleigh heading down the steep slope towards impending Death!
Dave immediately started running/sliding after it, unfortunately he was still grasping the box of brownies!  surely more important than the phone at this moment in time :0   "Don't drop the brownies Dave" rang out , everyone was in fits of laughter as Dave disappeared down the slope amazingly without falling.   Gina shouted , "it wont get over the ridge Dave"  just as it flew over the ridge and picked up speed :D
it was at this point Tanya noticed that she had the only brownie that might be left , and was thinking of departing fast in case we all wanted it   hehe

 animation click here  First run

eventually , much to every ones amazement Dave caught up with the phone and with a flying leap TROD on it!  with hands aloft in triumph :D

   unfortunately , a few brownies escaped at this point and started sliding down the slope also!
Dave picks up the escapee brownies  animation click Picking up brownies

                                 as you can see in this image, Dave actually travelled a long way!

after the brownies had been retrieved, eaten and much laughter rang out around the fells, the group split, half of us started heading towards Grasmoor summit, while the others headed towards Wandope in Tanya's case and Eel Crag the others.  i took the opportunity of shooting the small cairn we where at with its magnificent backdrop. Skiddaw on the left and the Helvelyn range to the right.

as we started walking towards the summit, the path, well what might have been a path under the snow .was on a very steep slope and Sian decided it was a little too tricky and decided to turn back and head towards Eel Crag with Paul where we will all meet later.    it was a bit scary actually , i shot this image looking back at the others behind me ,as you can see, it is a steep slope that i don't think any of us would make it back up if slipped!      and yes, Steve did slip and laughed nervously :D

any how we have all negotiated this section and realised the top is completely flat!   why on earth didn't we just take this easy route?    Doh!

                here is Gina on Grasmoor summit plateau with an ice sculpture and  Crummock water

 superb views from here ,Skiddaw at the back and Grisedale pike left front ,  yes that's the pike we should have climbed if we had taken the correct path out of car park   Oooops!

Heading back now across the flat top, someone commented that we were all spread out like mercenaries in a James bond film  !  hehe

                                            Playing in the snow :)    "snow angel"

         Gina,Dave,Steve & myself are now heading up the slopes of Wandope ,  looks wonderful all the pristine snow :)   while the rest of our group are heading straight up to Eel crag to join the others .  we have to "Bag" the Wainwright after all .

              love how the light catches the humps.      heading towards the summit now, its only a short detour then we can head over to Eel Crag to meet the others.

                                        great views over to the Scafells from here

Finally we have reached the summit , only the second all day!   Ooops  but that doesn't matter in conditions like these with amazing views .  my fav image of the day

                                                     what the............................. 

looking at Eel Crag from Wandope, the ridge right of centre that evidently we have to traverse to get to the next summit "Sail" over to the right.

heading across towards the Eel Crag path now , i remarked how crusty the surface was and how everyone was crunching through it except me being so light , when i crunched through a deep bit and ended flat out in the snow !  Oops    so funny.     luckily no one snapped a pic  . in the image below ,Grasmoor is on the left where we where earlier and we are now heading right up the steep slope to Eel crag now to meet the rest of the group.

                                                                              great skies :)

               walking up the final steep slope to the summit we have super views of the Scafells :)

                                        the story will continue in part 3 :)  too many images lol


  1. Snow just makes for such a beautiful and ethereal landscape which you have certainly captured :-)

  2. Well done Phil, cracking photo's,as always. That boy must really love his wife to risk a heart attack running that far.

  3. Great blog and photos Phil. I couldn't see the "video" links sadly...but I was there for the live version so still in my head. A fabulously funny day! :-)