Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mollys 1st Mountain snowy Adventure 15/1/13

I am going to introduce you all to my new companion, Molly  an 8 month old border collie .  her owner had to find new homes for her & her sister Meg   i would like to say many thanks to David for letting me have her, she will have a great life with me .   she is fast asleep while i am typing this after today's adventure. while i am knackered!
after seeing the snowdon web cam early this morning and all the fresh snow i just had to go :)
i will leave all the non Mol pictures for another blog when i catch up with a few previous ones.
arriving at the view point overlooking  Llynnau Mymbyr the view over the lakes to Snowdon was wonderful :)

a quick drive and i was negotiating the steep snow covered road up to Pen-y-Pass car park ( £5 for 4 hours, robbing barstewards! )      cant believe it hadn't been gritted as was treacherous!     i decided to take Molly along the easy "Miners path" past the lower lakes and then up to the top lake "Glaslyn"

loads of fresh snow, Mol hasn't seen it before and soon started eating loads  haha   the path is very good to walk on and the views are stunning, especially in the snow.  here is the "Molster " with the pen-y-pass road in the distance .

i could not leave her on the lead for long, no distractions up here and she stayed fairly close all day , regularly stopping and turning around as if to say "hurry up wont you! "   

  amazing views , love it when in its winter coat :)  Molly was running and leaping all over the place

                                                                               airborn legs :D

        this is the path you can see winding its way towards Snowdon in the distance.left of centre

                                                        she is admiring the stunning view :)

                                                                            run Mol, run!

                       love this view :)      looking over Llyn Tayrn to snowdon

                                                                      snowy nose   HA!

                                                                 Hurry up please! 

 we are at Llyn Llydaw now , which has a stone causeway across the middle of the lake and old mine buildings on the far side.

i have crossed over the causeway and am now heading up to the top lake now, love blue sky and snow :)

         come on, get a move on i think she is thinking :)  Up the steep path towards Glaslyn

                                                                         isn't she lovely :D

we have reached Glaslyn now,  have got some great shots with a superb sky, but they will be in a later blog :)

                                  looking back from where we have walked,  what a view!

                            there she is, haha ,  never goes to far away from me, which is great

 the cloud has come down now and a few flakes are falling,  light has gone so making way back down now. it has been a fantastic day , managed to take some superb images (without molster in )  they will be in another blog .  ok, where is her head??????????    lol

crossing the causeway in fast clouding over sky  , i made the most of the good light this morning so cant complain.

she had a great day, must have walked 10 times the distance i did  lol     guess i have fallen in love with her already :)   a superb companion. the first of many adventures, snow always makes for a superb day, and seeing her run and leap like a gazelle all over the place was so funny. she loved it even when she sank up to her belly in a deep soft pocket of snow  hehe

                                            one last pic :D    Molly   (  aka  Molster )

                                                   and no, Tanya you cant have her :D


  1. Oh please let me have her?? I would look after her and she would love Tilly!
    She is lovely... Such expressions with her eyes and face. She is lucky to have you to look after her :-)

  2. Absolutely stunning dog and mountain scenery! Im glad for your good fortune lately Phil. :-)

  3. Oh Phil she's just gorgeous! And what fabulous photos - I can't stop looking at them! I think you and Molly are going to have a great time together :-)

  4. She looks a fine dog Phil, she'll be a good companion to you.

  5. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous Molly. You were made for each other. Looking forward to seeing many more of The Adventures of the Mollster!

  6. She is a beauty Phil.
    A great combination; a beautiful dog and stunning scenery.

  7. Welcome to the dog owners club..She will soon have you trained up..

  8. Wow, love your blog, Phil,and all the gorgeous pics of Molly. We are planning to give a home soon to a rescue dog - will be our third. But not quite as spectacular country down here in Kent - more Hobbiton than Misty Mountains!