Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Day Mountain walk 2013

Well the new year is here at last , hope its better weather wise than last year.
not having been out over x mas feeling all fluey  i just had to get out for a walk and take some images, at least the new year has started off dry!
parking at the Ogwen cottages early this morning, i guess everyone has stayed in bed as its deserted up here . its dry but very overcast and the wind is awful. going to have trouble with long exposures with wind moving camera .  walking up the short path to the wooden bridge to shoot the main waterfall i can see Tryfan is covered in low cloud ,and there is a lot of water coming down after all the recent heavy rain we have had.

       this is the last falls coming down from Cym Idwal that sits beneath the Devils kitchen.i have photographed this a thousand times , always has a different look to it :)

 moving around the left side where the small waterfall path leaves the main path, i have just noticed this rather nice composition , with less water coming down its not usually like this.

 making my way up the falls to the usuall spots , the extra water always changes the look of the falls , i have got my camera as low as i can for this image , looking up with the Devils Kitchen Amphitheatre in background.

continuing my way up to the lake the cloud is building and swirling around the mountain tops :)

and looking down to the Ogwen valley from the bridge over the outflow from Llyn Idwal.

the light is not very good, very little sun managing to break through , but when it did i got lucky , i have been experimenting with longer exposures today and doing so has smoothed out the heavily rippled surface on the lake . the sun briefly lit up the far bank under the Kitchen . my favourite image of the day so far.

                                       a few images of the lake, it is a spectacular area

walking up the path towards the kitchen to get a view across the lake towards Pen - yr- ole- wen    (i never spell that correctly   lol )

                        and looking into the Devils Kitchen :)  the low cloud shrouding the top

            Grim!   Arghhhhh   weather is awful now for photography , back down to car now i think.

        looking down to Llyn Ogwen, with a glimmer of sunshine in the distance. look how dark it is!

                         and i am now back at the wooden bridge and the main waterfall.

a quick shot of the falls again, fast shutter speed freezes the water in comparison with the slow blurred water effect in all the other images.

                                               Under the main road flows the waterfall :)

well it wasnt the best of days to be out taking photographs but a good start to the new year :D


  1. Beautiful waterfalls. Not an area I have been to but tempted! :-)

  2. The weather made for good rich contrast in the shots. Great composition on the bridge, with the little gate, photo.