Monday, 9 December 2013

Perranporth , Cornwall holiday 12th july 2013

After leaving Trebah we started driving towards Newquay , but seeing a sign to Perranporth we decided to go there for the evening instead .
Driving through the town we head up the steep road to the car park , and what a view!   one of the best views without having to leave the car.

The tide is on its way in ,  but dogs are not allowed on the beach until 6 oclock , so we have an hour or so to wait,  there is a huge sundial sculpture just over to the right from here.

           Panorama images shot on phone, click for large HERE


                                                                 Me and Mollster

After a chippy dinner we have made our way down to this fabulous beach , Molly and Chester go straight in!    and Molly is straight out after the ball .

                                 Where are you going Mol?    Chester thinks as she goes way out :)

                                                    Mol fetching the ball from the surf :)

the sun is setting in the wrong direction for filming here , never mind

                                                         Err  stupid mutts!!!      lol

                              look at Chester ,  trying to get the ball :)   hes so impatient

                                               There she goes, swimming properly   Yay!

                                                                     Chester is so funny !

                                                      Mollster swiming yet again :)

What a great evening it has been , the sun is setting now and we can make our way back to photograph the sunset from the top of the cliffs near the car.   walking across the beach front i shoot this panorama on my phone

by now its getting near 10 oclock , the beach is still packed with people and dogs , and up on the car park area loads of people watching the sun set :)

                                                            just look at the lone surfer!  

  The end of another fabulous day in Cornwall, only one full  day left here  before going back to Weston super mare for a night stop over before travelling back home,  so sad :(

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