Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Trebah Tropical Gardens July 12th Cornwall holiday 2013

After a day resting yesterday when we went for a short walk from Parr beach along to Polkerris  and yes i didn't take my camera!   and saw a male Golden Ringed dragonfly,  Bummer!
This morning we are going to the sub tropical gardens of Trebah which are the other side of Falmouth , which will be the furthest we have travelled all week , about 50 mins drive i think.
The weather is not looking good so far for a change, it was cool with blue sky when we left the campsite but as we arrive at the gardens it is a "chilly " 18 dgrees  haha ,  it hasn't been this cold for ages as i put my coat on!  ONLY KIDDING!  it is forecast to get better later on this afternoon though.

a metal Gunnera fountain sculpture.

walking down on to a lawn overlooking the gardens with a view right down to the sea , its a bit dull and misty but hopefully will brighten up later.

 Here we have our first view looking down into the main garden, huge  palms and Dixonia tree ferns abound :)

                                           Amazing treeferns that you can walk under :)

                  Looking behind there is a glimmer of blue sky, and its warming up nicely now .

walking through glades of huge treeferns and we have now come out into an open clearing...........  a stream running down from the top of valley connecting ponds all the way down to the sea, a couple of large Echiums flower spires  tower above the treeferns

"Where does this go?" Molly is thinking obviously..     a Huge Gunnera Manicata  jungle  (giant rhubarb )

                   the path goes right through the middle, with the leaves forming a big tunnel :)

coming out into the sunshine , looking back up the valley at the huge area of Gunneras.............

                                  and now looking over the last pool towards the sea

Having reached the far end of the pool , a small narrow set of steps takes us over to the cove, its stunning !  suns out with clear blue sky now   yay!
  Mol wants to go in the sea , but dogs have to be kept on leads!!!!!!  so sad!!!!!!!!!!!

she is investigating the area on long lead , Chester is back at the cafe having ice creme   haha

                                               Haha   big waves are a bit scary Moll :)

Mollster has spotted a dog off lead playing in the sea!   some people dont give a stuff about rules!

leaving the cove the path winds its way up the headland giving tiny views through the trees looking up the coast towards Glendurgan, the next valley over which is another sub tropical garden, but dogs arn't allowed so we cant visit :(     spoilsports  not allowing dogs means less visitors for them !

                                       Heading back via the higher path now.....

and at the top of the valley near the entrance

the Echiums are superb, i have grown them in my garden but not quite this tall!

its now early afternoon and we have the rest of the day to go somewhere else , we have really enjoyed this garden, more so than the Lost Gardens of Heligan infact.
                                        Think the dogs want to go to the beach!   lol

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