Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Colby Wood, Pendine and Barafundle last day in Pembrokeshire 21th June 2014

Today is our last day in Pembrokeshire :(   We leave tomorrow , so for the last full day in the sun we are firstly going to Colby wood for a quick look around, then off to Pendine sands .

                                                          Come on, Hurry up !

            We are at Colby Wood near Amroth, we cant go into the gardens with the dogs . but can go into the surrounding area .

                                 Big meadow area with a stream running through.

                                               Appears Chester cant read!!!!!!! and can't get out    haha

                                            Looking at the house from the meadow


           I have just spotted this male Broad bodied chaser , managed a few shots before it flew off!

            The trees have good colour for this time of year , must be amazing in the autumn

This is the end of the meadow, we have tried walking further to follow the stream but cant get much further , so we decide to leave now and head to Pendine Sands.

  Having parked up near the beach , this is the notice on the top of the beach!!!!!!!!!  SERIOUSLY!

                                          Hope Chester doesn't roll on a bomb!     lol
This beach is seven miles in length and i think has been used for land speed racing at some point. it is still used for hot rod racing i believe.

         The dogs are straight in!  its very shallow and they can paddle quite a long way out.

                                                                        So fast Mol :)

   i am using the long lens at high iso to freeze the movement, just look at the water drops

                               Look what Mollster has just found!   its a huge barrel jellyfish :)

Chester has been barking alot , a welsh guy has just stormed down the beach complaining!  WTF?
its a 7 mile beach  , with a dog free zone at the car park end with loads of screaming kids all along the busy area that we have left  and he complains about a dog barking!!!!!!!!!!       does he complain about all the noise the dam kids make?    No of course he doesn't!          Tosser!

             We continue walking along the beach, the tide is going out fast as its so shallow.

                                   We are trying to dry them off now on the sand chasing the ball .

                                                         Lying down to get a shot :)

      Time to go back to the van now for dinner , then  back to Barafundle beach for the evening.
             its a lovely warm evening and enjoy a great walk over the headland from Stackpole :)

                       an almost deserted beach ,except a few teenagers down for a barbi  lol

                                i don't think it will be long before these two get wet!

wet and sandy  lol     the low evening sun lighting them as they run  , Chester has his eye on the ball !

                                                                  Chester is flying!

                                              Turning golden now , lovely light

                                      Time to go now , they don't want to!  Awwwww :(

Last view as the sun lights up the headland

                   Last pic from Pembrokeshire  , its been a great holiday with superb weather.

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