Friday, 28 November 2014

Holywell Bay Sunset july 13th 2014

After a great day at Tintagel  i have left Jan and the "Bodmin Beasts" back in the caravan and  have driven down to Holywell beach, which is about 18 minutes drive to hopefully photograph the sunset.  after parking in the national trust car park i have walked through the dunes and waded across the stream onto the beach , there is a strong inshore wind and the waves are crashing in big time :)   its now just after 8 , a bit early i think   Ooops

                                           I have shot a few shots with 400mm lens

this is what the surfers come to Cornwall for :)     But not tonight , its deserted here and the sound of howling wind and crashing waves is deafening.  its high tide right now and the waves should start is calm down.

As the sun starts to go down i start shooting ,i have had to wait about 40 minutes before any colour starts showing.   this image is only 1/4 second , but just enough to give nice movement on the shallow water in the foreground.  the sky is really interesting tonight :)

Getting some nice colour now, i don't think its going to be a great sunset but at least its going to be interesting one and better than a few nights ago .

The sky is looking more interesting by the minute , i have rushed around to the left and waded across the stream outfall, which is Very cold!  I'm trying to get the sun behind the rocks to shoot better, after 10 mins or so i notice the sky momentarily lighting up!    its very difficult getting any exposures with the bright sun, but managed this 2 frame merge shot.   a separate 4 second frame for the smoothed sea and a 1 second frame for the sky with a 2 stop nd grad .

Moving back along the beach as the tide starts to go out  the sun is almost disappearing now , making shooting difficult .   but love how the sun is illuminating the seaweed in front of me .

its 9.40 and  about 15 minutes after the sun has gone down , the sky has turned a lovely orangy red  , a 20 second exposure has smoothed out the shallow water and reflecting the gorgeous colours.   Yay!

Half an hour later , and numerous attempts of panorama shooting, the cool blue sky eventually takes most of the colour away 

1st panorama taken at 9.50pm
                                                  and just after 10pm for the last one

            walking back up the beach , time for one last image with Gull rocks framed in silhouette

                               What a superb day in Cornwall , what will tomorrow bring?

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