Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bedruthan Steps Cornwall july 17th 2014 pt1

Today the weather looks a bit iffy but is supposed to brighten up to blue sky after about 11 oclock , so we are going to Bedruthan Steps for the day.
Its just up the coast past Morgan Porth , about 25 minutes drive. 

Arriving at the national trust car park its a bit dull and cloudy, but warm ,so we follow one of the many paths down to Carnewas point and then head right towards the Viewing point overlooking Bedruthan Steps.  
 i take this 60 second exposure image with a 10 stop nd filter to smooth out the sea :) 

 and 30 second exposure.

We are going to walk right down to just past the last part of the steps , the tide will hopefully be out far enough to get down on to the beach by then :)

This is an extremely dangerous area of coastline , only one way down,  90 steps to the beach and is very easy to get cut off by incoming tide.      its high tide now so perfect timing .

                           The tide is still in "Bodmin Beasts" , so you will have to wait!  lol

 About half way along the path i have shot this stunning view with all the wild flowers on the cliffs , its brightening up and blue sky is on its way now :D

 At the far end now looking back across all the individual bays along the Steps  , all are cut off by the tide from each other , the only way down is where we have just walked from.

                                                                            Posing time :)

                                              Another long exposure image   30 seconds f18

                                                     Glorious view in the hot sun now :)

Part 2 to follow after we had a bite to eat where i shot this image of a strange creature under the table in the cafe :D
                                                     Chester is sitting on/over  Mollster :)

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