Thursday, 4 December 2014

Where is Doc Martin? a visit to Port Isaac july 2014

Today we are going to visit tvs" Doc Martin" s village , the fictional  Port Wen  which is in fact  "Port Isaac".  its a beautiful warm sunny day here in Cornwall :)   there is a main car park at the top of the hill above the village (a long walk) But i noticed on the map a smaller car park around the headland towards Port Gavern which is only a short walk around the coastal path.  Having managed to get one of the last spaces Phew!   we are walking around this stunning coastline and getting very warm .

                            The outer breakwater is in view now as we come around to the bay

  We get our first view of the village ,  i can see Doc Martins house and Bert Large's cafe from here :)

Walking down the steep main road towards the quay side, the school house from the tv series is on the right , its a very small village and all the locations used for filming are quite close together and not where they appear in the program.

A great view from here , the Doctors house/surgery is the brown building up to the right hand side up the steep hill and Larges cafe is the lower white building just right of centre.  watching the tv series you have no idea the layout of the actual village!

          Walking into the centre of town it is very busy, everyone is talking about Doc Martin :)
                        this is the Pharmacy/chemist  , which is a gift shop in actual fact  lol

                                           Now heading towards the hill across the bay .

    This is the hill going up to Larges cafe which is on the right ( all boarded up so not in use)  and the Doctors house on the left hand side.

                                                            Doc Martins house :D

                       it all looks so different than i imagined , a panorama of the village

             heading up the hill side to give the dogs a walk  , it really is a beautiful location 

                                                       Superb views from up here

                                                   Back to the narrow streets now

                                      Sorry Mol   no dogs allowed on this beach !  off lead

                                              A good view of  Bert Large's cafe lower left

                                                                         Posing time :)

                              A last view before we make our way up and find a chippy :D

                  We are now going to head towards Port Gavern to give the dogs a swim :)

                                    Just a few minutes walk to the very small Port Gavern

                  All the above images are take on my phone, all camera images have been lost !

                                                       Straight in  "The Bodnin Beasts"

                                     Doggy fun in the sea shot mainly with 100 -400 lens

           On our way back to the car , the red flowers of crocosmia brighten up the coastline :)

                                                                  Posing again Mollster :)

                                            The end of another great day in Cornwall

                                    still cant find the camera images from port isaac :(

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