Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Santorini - Red Beach Akrotiri 30 th june 2016

This morning we are going to take the bus to Akrotiri , First to Red beach and then to have a look around the Prehistoric City.
                                                            A  Balcony view first :)

                      Arriving at Akrotiri we make our way along the road towards Red Beach.

                                         Stunning coastline with amazing water clarity.

 Red beach ahead of us,  there has been a huge landslide cutting off access to the beach, sometime last year i think , it still looks like it was recent but a narrow path has been dug out to gain entry to the small beach.

                                                                         Its a beautiful bay

                                      No one takes any notice of signs on this island   lol

                                                       Jan has gone swimming , way out !

There are doors in the cliff ,  must have been small shops/cafes i presume as i can see kitchen equipment inside one that is open.

                                       On our way back now, a last couple of images

We are now at the Prehistoric city ,  the remains of a city that was covered in ash after a volcanic eruption.   a building has been constructed Over the entire site to protect the remains.

                                                                            Its huge in side!

                                            At the bus stop now having an ice lolly :)

Now back to the hotel for a couple of hours then back to Oia for the evening sunset, hopefully better than tuesdays

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