Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Blue Domes of Oia , Santorini july 2 nd 2016

This morning we are heading back to Oia  to take a good look around as we didn't see much in  the evening visits we have made.

                                 Another blue sky hot day, think its going to be mid thirties!

 Its a beautiful town ,   all the buildings are whitewashed and the paths are wonderfully laid out.

                                   There are very few plants , these balcony boxes look good

                       Oleander shrubs i think these are :)                        No buterflies though!

                                                        Beautiful clean stone pavements.

                                                        I Haven't a clue what this is for!

                                 The blue domes are in the distance, now how to get near them?

                                      Yay!    found a small set of steps leading past one.

                          Stunning with the Bougainvillea giving good contrast to the landscape.

                 At the far end near to the old ruined castle i photographed the sunset from.
                                                      love this huge Bourgainvillea


                                              Panorama showing the beautiful buildings

                                       A small back yard, looks more like a tea house.

Its too hot now, after going into all the small shops to cool down under the air con we are going to make our way back to Fira now for a rest until it cools down a bit.

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