Friday, 14 September 2018

Cornwall evening at Fistral & Pentire Head

Tonight we are Walking the Holywell Horrors on Fistral beach ,  I am going to fly the drone at the far end of the beach at the hotel end a bit later.

                        Long shadows already , looks like its going to be a nice warm evening.

                                   Jan has gone swimming while I look after the dogs.
After half hour they are getting tired, and we are now at the end of the beach near the rocks below the hotel , time to fly!

                               Up in the air, great view of the Hotel and Newquay bay behind.  Tide is on its way in now and nice rollers coming up onto the beach.

    A 9 frame panorama, automatically shot by the drone . the frames have been stitched together in Lightroom.

                                                                   7 frame Vertorama

One last image then we must go back to the car to drive around the headland to Pentire Point for sunset, its not going to be a good one as there is no cloud in the sky but I might be able to catch the nice light before sundown.

     Newquay bay on the left, Fistral on the right, you can see why its such a good beach for surfing, large shallow and wide open to the sea.

We have driven around to Pentire Head now,  Crantock beach is on the right in this image, with Fistral on the left side.         The low setting sun is giving nice light on the rocks and the sky is just showing a bit of subtle colour.

   Top down over the small rocky island ,the low setting sun is illuminating the rock bringing out the colours.

One last image before I bring the drone back, my last battery is getting low now and the sun has set too low to produce any more good light.

                                Tomorrow we are going to visit Boscastle and Port Issac.

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