Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Cornwall July 2018 pt1 Polperro & Holywell

We are on our way down to Cornwall, staying at our usual camp site "Crossroads" which is in Cubert , near Newquay.   this will be the last holiday in the caravan as we have just purchased a motorhome which we will pick up when we get back home.
As usual for our holidays the weather is looking great, in fact this early part of the summer has been very warm.  the temperature is looking like a steady 22 degree's for the entire holiday , which is cooler than it is going to be at home luckily, where it is high twenty's into 30+ .

After a trouble free journey down we have set everything up are are going down to Holywell beach with the Terrible Twosome  ( aka Holywell Horrors)

                                                            Just  a couple of phone pics

Tomorrow we are going to Polperro which is on Cornwalls  South coast, last time  the sat nav directed us down a ever narrowing lane above the village and we nearly got stuck!!!!!!

This time however we navigated direct to the car park , and now walking down to the village.
Its looking a bit dull unfortunately , not what I want for taking photographs.

                                            The houses have beautiful flower displays.

    We are going to walk around the left hand side to go around the headland so I can fly the drone to get some images.   but first over the bridge to get a better view of the harbour boats.

                                             Its a beautiful harbour, enclosed on both sides

                                                   A local Photobombs my image    haha

We have made our way around the headland and I have clambered down onto these rocks where its safe to fly from.

                                   Here are the images I shot with the Phantom 4 pro drone.
     pity there is no sun , but that would make exposure very difficult with all the white buildings.

                                                           Topdown over the headland .

                                  A glimpse of blue sky and its brightening up a bit now .

                                                Six frame Vertorama  (verticle panorama)

As I was coming in to land, I shot this 9 frame panorama at quite a low level,  quite like the perspective it has achieved.

    That was a successful couple of flights , now to continue our walk and the sun is coming out!    just my luck after I needed it.

It is now getting very warm, Chester is looking a bit hot so we have gone back down to the harbour where Mollster decided to just walk off the end of the steps into the deep water!  Ooops    she is swimming around.  no off lead dogs here so cant let them play.   but Chester wouldn't go in!

                    Beautiful reflections in the sunshine now as we walk back around the harbour.

                           Ice creme time , and Chester balancing a cone on his nose, so funny .

Time to go now  ,i will go back down to Holywell beach tonight for sunset and hope to get a couple of good images IF there is any cloud to colour up!

The evening on Holywell beach , Gull Rock standing proud on the left side  and there is a small amount of cloud .     phone shot

I have found a big mound in the sand,  the incoming waves are just about to reach it , so this is my chance to get a good foreground into the composition.    

I have experimented with different shutter speeds , this is my favorite image.

                                              5DSr  17-40L  0.6 soft grad nd       1 second at f14 , iso 100

the end of first day in Cornwall...……………...

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