Saturday, 22 December 2018

Lake Vyrnwy Oct 29 th

The Autumn colours are now really getting good,  a trip down to Lake Vyrnwy in mid Wales  is today's location to photograph.   As I drive down through the tree lined entrance road towards the dam, the light through the trees looks fabulous, I must walk back up here as soon as I get parked.

                     A quick dash around the Dam and up the road to get this image on the 5dsr.

Walking back to go down into the park below the dam I notice the sun lighting up the tower and the trees , with dark shadows behind it looks very dramatic,  quickly I put the 100-400mm lens on the shoot this image.

                                                                             The Dam

The cloud is still  blocking the sun at times, giving muted colours , but blue sky is heading this way.

                  Another shot down the road, still looks good when the sun briefly comes through.

Time to get the drone up , the sky has cleared significantly now , a 9 frame panorama first to be shot.

                                                           Topdown over the sculpture park.

                                                         Vertorama of the same view.

Time to walk down the left hand side of the lake to find a spot to take off the drone , opposite the tower is a good location.   a phone pic shows thick cloud has reappeared, temporarily.

                                   The drone is up and I shoot a low level Tower image.

                                                            Then Topdown from above.

            Now for a full panorama looking down the lake, beautiful blue sky now in the distance.

       Bringing the drone back above me , I shoot a 7 frame vertorama looking down the lakes forest.

                  The different species of Trees are arranged in blocks, like a patchwork quilt  lol
                             The shadows on the lake could do with being a bit stronger I think.

    I have now driven further down the lake to the picnic area where the drone landing  pads are  lol

I have taken off and flown straight over to the opposite side, the low sun is illuminating the trees and producing nice shadows.  

                                        Cannot decide which I like best of these 2 images.

                                  Topdown over an old ruined brick farm building,  I presume.
It is a multi frame merge, shot in a grid pattern moving the drone over the area shooting 2 rows of images.

Flying over the trees I have shot this 9 frame panorama, the drone software automatically shoots the frames, I then merge together in either PTGui or lightroom (if I don't intend to print)

That's the end of the battery, 23 minutes of flying and I am driving further down the lake, stopping off at the top end to fly the last battery and then walk around with the camera and long lens.

                     Phone shot on the dried up lake bed where I have managed to get down to.

        Straight up with the drone and out to the opposite side where the sun is still on the trees.

        A bit further down the lake for this panorama image. The spruce are looking great in the sun but not quite fully coloured up yet.

                                                 To finish off with 2 Vertorama images

                            Now to shoot a few images of the autumn colours with the camera.

                          100-400L lens on the 5dsr shot handheld for this close up of the trees.

 A final image,   just caught the last of the sun hitting the tree tops , this is 5 vertical images stitched together shot with 100-400L again .

The end of a fabulous day in mid Wales.

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