Monday, 3 December 2018

Norfolk Holiday pt2 Felbrigg Hall and Cromer Sept 18 th

This morning we are going to visit Felbrigg Hall, a national trust property only a couple of miles away from where we are staying.  Weather is looking great still, but the Storm is approaching the south west area I believe .

A five minute drive and we are at Felbrigg ,  leaving the dogs in the van we are going around the gardens first.

                                              Jan hiding!      smelling the flowers actually.

                                                                          The Hall.

                                                HAHAHAHA …………….   say no more .

      After a quick walk around the hall we take the Terrible Twosome for a good walk around the grounds before heading of to Cromer for the evening and hopefully a good sunset.

                                     The wind has really got up now!  look at Chesters lead  

Arriving at Cromer, We have parked up on the top carpark high over the beach , and are  walking down past the pier on to the beach past the fishing boats where the dogs are allowed.

I have gone down onto the beach to take a look for a composition for later at sunset.   Chester is watching me………..

They are having a good run, with nice light across raking across the beach .  its looking good for a sunset,  but way too windy to fly the drone tonight unfortunately.

            I have set up the camera on a tripod for a family selfi in front of the multi coloured huts.

                                  Jan has taken the dogs back to the van while I shoot the sunset.

         I have Set up with a Lee little stopper and a 0.9 soft nd grad to do some long exposure images.

                                                 Its 10 past seven , the sky is colouring nicely

                                                    5dsr , 17-40L    25 seconds  f14  iso 100


Unfortunately the cloud has departed before it could colour up properly, but still got a couple images I'm happy with.
                                                                            70 seconds  f14

              And meanwhile , Jan has shot this on her phone …………..

                             The best colour was out of my view down by the pier      Doh!

Time to pick up dinner at the chippy by the pier on my way back,   a great view of the remaining sunset before we go back to the campsite.

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