Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Norfolk Holiday pt4 Thurne

This morning we are at Thurne , and at last the wind is low enough for a drone flight. But the forecast is not good with high winds and heavy rain most of the day and all night also, the storm has arrived.   In fact we have decided to cut the holiday short and head home two days early

But its dry at the moment so out for a walk along the river , Unfortunately the windpump still has scaffolding up after renovation so its no good for taking images.  luckily there are two mills here .

I have set up on a pontoon and have quickly set up and into the air,  the light is rubbish but at least I can shoot a couple of images.

                                    A nine image panorama with black and white conversion.

                                                          Topdown over the mill.

                                      Multi image Vertorama, again with B&W conversion.

The wind has increased now and I have had to land,   we are walking around to the marina and back through to the village,   the rain is clearly visible in the distance and approaching fast.

           A last image as its started raining and getting quite heavy so its quickly back to the van.

It has been heavy rain all afternoon and overnight the wind was gale force , with torrential rain.  We have decided to head home early stopping off in Derbyshire as the weather appears to be clearing up there tomorrow.
But first I have gone back to shoot a few long exposure images .   the cloud is looking ominous but great for long exposure images.

                                                  5dsr, 17-40L     15 seconds f18

 I have been trying to get a boat passing through, and after many attempts I have managed this image.

                                                    25 seconds with Lee little stopper f18

Time to leave now, we are heading towards Crich , the is a Tramway museum which looks very interesting and a special event on Sunday.

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