Sunday, 5 May 2019

Corwen Floods march 17 th

We have had torrential rain over the last few days and the rivers all around the region are flooding. The river Dee in North Wales has broken its banks around the Corwen area so I will be  heading in that direction early morning, the weather forecast is not looking good with yet more rain forecast, but I think I have until 1 pm.
Driving across the river at Corwen, the fields are completely flooded, after driving around upstream I have eventually found a good parking spot where I can get down to the flood plane.   Now time to get the drone up.

Taking off and going straight up this is the view directly in front of me.

                          A couple of images looking slightly upstream from my position.

                       Upstream I have just spotted this fallen tree,  it makes a great subject ……..

                                                               "The Mighty have Fallen"


                                                                A multi frame Vertorama

                                    Looking straight down on this tree illuminated by the sun .


                                                                        Closer view.

I have just changed the battery and headed down stream towards Corwen direction, the cloud is building in front of me and its heading this way quite fast.
There are four "Sentinel" trees, that look great surrounded by the flood water, and the light is producing lovely colours reflecting in the water around them.   3 frames merged together.

                                           A Topdown shot over the top of the trees.

It is now raining over me , while the drone was down stream in the sun I hadn't noticed how fast the rain had approached me ,  time to bring the drone back fast so it doesn't get wet!

That's it , its raining hard now so time to pack up and head home.

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