Monday, 20 May 2019

Derbyshire and Chatsworth House April 1 st

Today we are on our way to Derbyshire to Ladybower reservoir.  on the way we stopped at this lovely small waterfall in the park district country park. a single frame shot with 5dsr and 17-40mm and Little stopper to slow shutter speed down to blur the water a touch,  0.5 sec was long enough, any more and the water lost all detail being too smooth.

Having driven down to Ladybower and parked up next to a No Drone sign!  we are going to walk along to Derwent Dam with the terrible twosome.

The top reservoir above the Damm , must be a long walk around this one!

The Derwent Dam , pity cant fly the drone here, would be a great subject. Walking along the path to go around the opposite side of the lake.

We had intended to walk right around the lake back to the car, but after an hour we are only quarter way around, Jan says we will go back the way we have come!

Back at the van now, and its clouding over unfortunately. Time to drive down to the other end to the water overflow pipes as I have always wanted to see them, last week the water was actually overflowing into them but the water levels must have fallen by now so that's a pity.

Having driven down the lake and down to the bottom end , we have walked along the road to the dam and these overflow pipes.  as expected the water levels have dropped too much now to overflow into them .

                                                          An interesting wood carving .

                                                            The opposite end plughole.

                                 It is a really beautiful area, must come back in the autumn.

Now its time to leave here and drive towards Chatsworth, we will stay overnight in Baslow village carpark only a few minutes from Chatsworth house.

A lovely small village, and a short morning walk before going to Chatsworth.

One of the main entrance gates into the House at Chatsworth, I have been here once a very long time ago but only the gardens .

                                                   At least its only a tail Jan has grabbed!

There just happens to be a Dog exhibition inside the house.   but Jan must have a foot fetish judging by this !

                                              Dog sculptures, a series of different poses .

                                                                Ceramic sculpture.

                      In this corridor the walls have the dna genetic make up of the estates owners.

                                                         A carved wooden dog sculpture.

                                                                   Not a Dog  haha

Time to have a look around the gardens, both Formal with the fountain and wild informal around the rear of the house.

                                      Too high for Jan to touch anything on this one !

                                                    This is the top of the water cascade

                                                      Pink stiletto in the woods.

                                      Ice creme time, and Chesters party trick   Awwwwww

                       Out in front of the house in the formal garden is this metal Dog sculpture.

                                                            The Emperor Fountain.
            A long exposure using a Lee Big stopper to give water blur in the fountain and the clouds.

                                The daffodils are still well in flower along the waters edge.

                                     Mollster shot with the long 100-400mm lens on 5dsr

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