Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Rapeseed Field and Perch Rock Sunsets April 2019

The first Rapeseed field of the year, there seems to be only this one in our area this year, I have checked out all the locations from last year and not one has been seeded this year unfortunately.

It is not fully open yet, still a lot of green but the patterns in between are a good focal point for the compositions

Now down to Perch Rock lighthouse at New Brighton for sunset .

                    A 9 frame panorama shot using the automated panorama mode on the Drone.

                                 Nice colours appearing in the sky now after the sun has set.
                                                                4 frame Vertorama

                                  Fully coloured up now, its developed really nice tonight .

The following week I have gone back to Perch Rock hopeful for another good sunset.

                      Dramatic , but not much colour!

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