Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Cornwall Holiday pt 2 Poppy Fields

Start of the day , Pancakes 

This morning we have walked down to the beach and are heading around the headland for a short walk.
The dogs had a swim in the stream after walking along the beach.

                 Looking across the beach from the path leading towards Penhale Point.

A Loveley sunset over the van tonight, but not over the beach where it is cloud free.

The next morning we are going to walk to Polly Joke beach , which it to the right of the Kelseys.  about the same distance as Holywell , 20 minutes.   There are Poppy fields on Pentire Head but they have finished flowering , But it appears there are still some in flower to see.

                               One of the many Orchids flowering in the meadows on the way.

The campsite at Polly Joke is in view , the Poppy fields are on the far side of the beach on Pentire Headland.

Climbing up above the beach we are in the poppy fields,   still plenty in flower but all the other plants have grown up around them.

Over the top and Crantock beach is visible , one of my favorite beaches  with a small strip of Poppys 

                          Back down on to Polly Joke beach now to give the dogs a swim.

                                   The water is crystal clear down here in Cornwall, Fabulous.


                             A cottage garden full of Lavender on the way back to the campsite.

Tonight i will go back to the poppy field with my camera for sunset.......................


Arriving at the field, the small area that had the best flowers has had all the petals knocked off some time today!   There isn't a large enough area to make a strong foreground now as all the remaining flowers are well spread out.    

100-400 L 

        Isolating a single flower just as the warm setting sun illuminates the petals,  5dsr  100-400 L

Walking back down to the beach and i managed this image of a bird, beautiful rim lit against the dark background. 

The end of another day in Cornwall.

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