Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Cornwall Holiday pt 3 Crantock Beach/Holywell Sunset


This morning a nice walk to Crantock , one of my favorite beaches.     

Its a long walk across the meadows to Polly Joke, then up over Pentire headland and around the coastal path to cross over the sand dunes behind the beach.  If the tide is out far enough there is a  set of steps to get down about half way ,  but as you can see the tide is too high at present so will have to walk right the way round to the dunes in the distance.

                                          What a stunning day , beautiful blue sky and water .

The dues are where we can get down to the beach.........  hopefully 

This way to the beach,  and a huge drop off that both dogs leapt down and found we couldnt follow!  Ozzy jumped back up but Chester with shorter legs couldn't manage to get back up and had to go around the outside .

                                                                   Where is Chester  lol

Straight into the sea ...........

Time to walk back now, we have managed to walk across to the steps halfway along the cliffs now the tide has gone out.

                                                        One last image across the bay 

Tonight i have walked down to Holywell for hopefully a good sunset
It is looking good so far , fairly good waves crashing on the top of the beach so i am going to try get the low sun light illuminating the waves.

                                                       5dsr  17-40 L    1/20 th  f13  iso 100

         1/20 th sec    i shot a series of frames in "continuous mode "to hopefully catch the light on the wave tops as they break.   out of about 30 frames i got a couple that worked out how i wanted.

                 A long exposure to show the receding wave across the sand.         1.3 secs  f8  iso 100

                                                                              1.3 seconds   F8 

Time to head back to the van now ,  one last phone image...........

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