Friday, 12 October 2012

Amazing Sunsets in august 2012

The weather conditions were perfect all week , and the sunsets have been really good.   the ride home on the train the sky was looking good for this evening again , so a quick walk up to Thurstaston hill on the wirral ,overlooking the north wales coast was the plan.  the view over to the north wales coast is superb, pity the sun is setting out to sea at the moment!
I got up to the top at about 8.30 ,  the promised sunset was awsome, so i will just let the images tell the story :)    no colour or saturation adjustments have been made. using a long lens has filled the frame to give the strongest image .

Amazing!!!!!!!!!   the following night i decided to drive down to Moreton shore to shoot the sunset behind the wind turbines , when i got there i knew it wasnt going to be as good as previous night , But the afterglow might just work in the setting with sillouettes of the windmills :)

                                   The sun has set, but the colour is building nicely now :)

                         using the 300mm lens to show the turbines , love the colour now

                                                            the lone ship on the skyline :)

            this is my favorite image of the evening , good reflected colour in the sand pools

                this image shows the strongest colour before it started fading,getting quite dark now.

 well it turned out quite good after all ,  i got the images of the sillouetted turbines that i had intended


  1. Beautiful - such amazing colours. Excellent photos Phil :-)

  2. Oooh what beautiful, and amazing, colours. I do love a good sunset over the sea - gorgeous :-)