Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Great Gable return sept 23 2012

Since my first climb up Great Gable with the twitteratti  Here  when we didn't get to see any of the amazing views, i promised myself i would return on a clear day.  So today is the day , forecast is looking good for sunny periods but more importantly no low cloud :)
so arriving at Seathwaite car park early in the morning, i was surprised to see very few other cars there!  my route starts with climbing up Sour milk gill  then across Gillercomb up to Green Gable.

                                                   up the path that runs beside the falls

           i am up high now, looking down to  Seathwaite and Thorneywaite farm in the distance.

                                  walking through Gillercomb  and say hello to the locals :D

                                                 looking back from where i have just walked.

  here is a view of Base Brown on the right, but having come up the path from the left i have turned right to head towards Green Gable now .

  a first view of Buttermere , what a view with Haystacks and High crag/High stile on the left ,Fleetwith pike, Robinson/Whiteless pike/Grassmore over to the right.  i think lol

 Shot with 300mm lens , you can clearly see Rannerdale knots in the centre of image, amazing in the spring when the bluebells are in flower  Here  and Melbreak on the left.

Heading up to Green Gable the views are superb, and i have not seen a single person up here on such a wonderful morning .  i am at the summit cairn looking across Ennerdale and Buttermere valleys.  Kirk fell and Pillar on the left side , High stile near the centre.

                                   and the Helvelyn range in the distance in the opposite direction

          now heading down into windy gap and then up the steep climb up to Great Gable summit:D

            Panorama from Great Gable summit ,looking across Ennerdale & Buttermere valleys again
                                                                       VIEW LARGE

 looking down on to Wastwater,Scafell on left, Illgill Head next to Wastwater, and Kirk fell and Yewbarrow on the right.

it is so nice up here, only 2 other people here, a bit chilly but sheltering out of the wind very pleasant to take in the views and relax :D      using my 300mm lens to pick out "Inominate tarn" on Haystacks, AWs resting place.  a really special tarn that i must visit again sometime.

                                                    and Wastwater and Great Gable's cairn

        after over half an hour here i decide to make my way around to shoot a view of  Napes Needles

what a wonderful location, i spend another half hour here sitting in the warm sun with this amazing view :D   but it is time to start the long way back now :(        one last shot :)

                                           the way down , and its clouding over fast now!

                                                                     this is Styhead tarn

                                    the path decends down Styhead Gill back to Seathwaite

and eventually back down to the car, i have only seen a couple of people all day, very strange!
                                                the views have been amazing all morning :)


  1. Ah! So that's what we would have seen! Great photos. I have been on Great Gable when the views are lovely but that was a while ago. Going up there for 11th November though hopefully :-)

  2. Stunning landscape and I love the names, such as; Sour milk gill. Pleased you managed to get good, clear weather :-)

  3. Phil, you came over the wooden footbridge that goes over Styhead Gill. The better path, though a little trickier, is not to cross the bridge and carry on the other side of the gill, skirting Base Brown. You get a much more spectacular view of Taylorgill Force. There is a little scramble but in dry weather it is perfectly fine on your own. Try it one day.