Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Old Man of Coniston & a horrible discovery 24 Aug 2012

After all the recent Butterfly adventures, i really needed a change, so off to the lakes to climb a mountain or two :)  someone had mentioned a good route to take to go up the Old Man of Coniston  2,634 FT , so this was a good opportunity, the weather was looking good , interesting actually with afternoon showers so might get some good light for my images.
the plan was to park at the end of the Walna scar road , then head towards Brown Pike . the informal car parking area was almost full when i got there mid morning , but a wonderful view unveiled itself :)      the path running up the centre of image goes directly up the valley to the summit , but i am going to head to the left in the opposite direction.

on the good fairly flat path i made good progress and soon found the turn off up towards Brown Pike, i think that's it in the distance :)

heading upwards the views opened out and i can see the route i will be taking ,  Buck Pike,Dow Crag, Goats Hawse and then the Old Man itself .

Brown Pike straight ahead now up the zig,zag path

What a great view from near the top of the path !  with the Old Man dominating the view

The path up to  Brown Crag curved around the back with a steady climb up to the summit. at the cairn i can now see Buck Pike straight ahead

Superb view down to lake Coniston

I get my first view of Blind Tarn down in the valley .

Heading towards the next summit now, Buck Pike , the clouds are giving really nice light across the fells now!

The terrain is starting to get more rocky from this point , at the summit of Buck Crag, with the rocky outcrops of Dow Crag ahead of me :)

My first view of Goats Water and Goats Hawse

Starting to scramble a bit now as i make my way across the rocky section on top of Dow Crag, some superb rock formations to compose the scenes :)

Sitting down to have a rest and a bit of food i took this image,  its starting to get a bit cold up here now with the clouds building!  it is at this point i have noticed quite a few walkers have appeared, presumably coming from the opposite direction as i have only seen 2 so far on my way up!

another Cairn shot :D

Here is the view looking across Goats Hawse and over to the Old Man, the path clearly visible climbing steeply up the fell side.

The view while crossing the Hawse, the dark clouds building fast but no sign of any rain so far :)

Looking back at the route i have already walked, looks a long way!  i am heading up the steepest path of the day now,  up towards the final summit :)

Almost at the summit and the weather down at Coniston is looking ominous, but it is sunny up here for now and i am getting great light down in the coppermines valley :)

At the trig point on top of the Old Man of Coniston :)   it looks like heavy rain down in the distance!  but bright sunshine here at the moment.

from the large summit cairn :)  there are loads of people up here , crowded in fact!  just cant get peace and quiet anymore, even on top of a mountain.    lol

and the smaller one 

What with the weather looking ominous i decide not to hang around up here and start making my way down , appears like a good decision as i look back up to the summit sunshine to see ..........

Yip, nothing!!!!!!!!!   cloud has suddenly come down and obscured all the views from the top, how lucky was i .   looking down to Coniston valley the cloud and light is looking amazing!

and a couple mins later........

looking down to Low water the mist is descending!  and here comes the rain :(

this is a very steep path, glad i didn't climb up this way :)    i have noticed scratched/chalked on to the path at various points  "long way to go"  " this is killing me"  " why are we climbing this? "  " I'm dead now! "     its very funny seeing all these , it really is a  much steeper way up than the way i choose :)

its clearing down in the valley now , suns out down over Coniston :)

i have just made a grim discovery, a dead sheep carcass ,life and death in the mountains!    the smell is awful!!!!!!

 coming across the old mine buildings ,which make a good focal point to the fells in the background.

the sun is coming out again, great to see blue sky over the fells for a change :D

i am exploring the old mine workings, suns out and its getting very warm :)

I will finish with this image

Here is my viewranger map 6.81 miles walked .a really superb "short" walk  LOL   :D

I have had a great days walking, some good images and as i get to the car park the heavens open, its chucking it down!!!!!!!!      Phew  that was close :)


  1. Lucky with the weather and some great cloud/light shots. I think the mine workings are fascinating... Not sure about the sheep!

  2. A nice read with good mountain photos..I always enjoy your blogs keep it up Phil...

  3. Lovely expansive views. I seem to like tarns, piled up rocks and light/cloud shots. Prefer my sheep alive though! :-)

  4. Looked like a great day out Phil and lucky with the weather too, nice pics. I need to bag some Wainwrights down that way someday.

  5. This is a great blog Phil with some stunning shots. Really enjoyed reading this.

  6. i am at sometime thinking of doing it myself in memory of a friend of my mum and dads who died on this mountain in the 1960s thanks for the read glad you had a sound walk its always good to read other peoples experiences thanks again

  7. Thanks for the suggested route! Given what people had written on the path you went down it's looking like the sensible option!! Will let you know how I get on in May :)