Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chester Zoo Butterflies july 2012

In between all my butterfly and mountain trips i managed a few short trips to Chester Zoo.  the butterfly house was today's trip as it was raining out. so a warm tropical greenhouse seemed like a good decision.
it is only small but enough butterflies to shoot for a quick 2 hour visit.   i will just let the images tell the story, not a lot to write about but all shots taken hand held using high iso due to low light.

                              an Ithomid butterfly,  my fav image of the day  f6.3 , iso 1000 , 1/125th sec

                                           A pair of Owl Butterflies  f7.1  iso 1000  1/100th

                                              Owl butterfly wings   f4.5  iso 1000  1/60th

                                                 Indian leaf butterfly  f5  iso 640  1/100th

                                                     Ithomid     f4   iso 1000  1/80th

                                                            f9  iso 320  1/200th  flash used

                                                                 f4.5  iso 640  1/200th

f9  iso 1000 1/200th  flash used

                                                                   f4  iso 1000 1/80th


             and finally a tropical frog, natural light, 5 frames focus stacked shot through glass

it is always nice to spend a few hours in here, just watching the butterflies flitting around, so peaceful until school parties come through and disturb the peace and tranquillity :(  Arghhhhhhhhh


  1. heelwalker1 - Tanya Oliver28 October 2012 at 18:47

    The owl butterfly is really weird. I like the one with purple on its wings best...and the frog of course :-)

  2. Fantastic. The Indian Leaf one and the close up of the head and proboscis (is that what it's called?) are amazing.