Saturday, 30 March 2013

Miners track walk feb 25 th 2013

Well!  after last weeks superb climb up Y-Garn HERE  in which the weather was really nice, today it is not looking good!  in fact not really sure why i am going as getting good images today will probably not be possible.  but Mollster needs a walk so...............

arriving at the "Rip off"  Pen-y-pass car park  we start walking along the miners track, and the light is dreadful :(

this just shows that i don't always get good images when i go out, but its a good walk non the less.

arriving at Llyn Llydaw the ice is interesting as a focal point but with this flat light the image is just no good.

taking a short detour up to see a frozen waterfall i have noticed,  might be worth a pic .  Come on Mol, think she looks a bit bored today also  hehe

                                          reaching the waterfall , it is completely frozen!

i think i feel same as Mollster , not really enjoying today already. i just know its a waste of time, heading back to the lake i take a nice shot of a dirty wet looking Mol.  she just doesn't look happy today, i know the feeling !

Snowdon looks really dreary today, not much snow and the paths are clear of ice mainly so making good progress up the path.

a bit of sunshine over in the distance for a few mins.

                                                                 more frozen waterfalls

heading up towards Glaslyn, Molly is asking WHY are we here today i think
the outfall at Glaslyn is partly frozen , pity the light is rubbish today as blue sky and sun would make all the difference.
Mollster looking bored at Glaslyn , o dear not a good sign , doesn't even want to "pose" today.   obviously knows she wont look her best!   hehe
cant believe it!  a bit of blue sky.  but it lasted only a few moments, bummer! 
one last view of Snowdon , fed up going back down now.
making my way back down i have spotted a few of the mountain goats , so stop to get a few images, i haven't seen any in ages.
that was the end of a disappointing walk, never mind plenty more to come!

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