Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Y-Garn in the Snow feb 11 2013

Another Monday morning and a quick look at the Ogwen valley web cam showed a little bit of snow on the mountain tops , so i loaded up the gear and Mollster in the car and made the journey to north wales.  upon getting to the Ogwen cottages i could see very little snow except on the highest ground.
i have not been up Y-Garn in a very long time so today seemed a good time to climb it.
instead of taking the normal Idwal path i turned up the gully before the wooden bridge.

at the top end i had to lift the Mollster over a gate, good job she is light but she did squirm a bit  haha

up through the gully and we came out above the waterfalls and giving a great view of Nant Ffrancon valley and the Devils Kitchen Amphitheatre , of coarse it gave Mol a few good rocks to pose on again, such a show off!

 looking down the Ogwen valley gave us a nice view but its a bit misty and very dull unfortunately!

  looking up to where we are heading in the top right hand corner in this image the snow is patchy , so will see how far we can get.

moving quickly on up to Cwm Idwal and along the shore heading to the gate through to the Y-Garn path.  its very windy down here in the valley as is often the case but higher up should be a bit more sheltered

gaining height rapidly the snow soon gets much deeper and is looking really nice ,   here i am looking down on Cwm Idwal on the right and Lyn  Ogwen over to the left.

                                                 Posing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   arghhhhhhhh

the path is getting a bit slippery now but still not too bad to walk on , here is an image looking down the valley using the path as a lead in for the composition


the snow is covering everything now , Molly is running around enjoying it all :D   she has snow on her nose  hehe

                                               getting some amazing views up here now :)

Come on!   this way :)


       What a great view :)            spoiled by a Mollster!!!!!!!!!!!  Arghhhh   get out of the way!

                                                         much better :D    or is it?

        looking across towards the Glyders is starting to snow , looks like its heading this way too!

                                                      Playtime in the snow now for puppy :)

i am really enjoying today, superb views and conditions, but not sure how much further i will manage to get , its extremely slippery under foot now!    but look at this .....

                              up there?????????????      of course Moll   go on up you go and play :)

                                                                          peek a boo :)

     Nant Ffrancon valley on the left, Pen - yr -ole wen in the centre and Ogwen valley on the right.one of my favorite views in this area :D

the sun is lighting up the valley floor , amazing. now how to get Mollster in the image ??????????

           i am now getting some superb images , lighting conditions are great at the moment :)

i have now come as far as i can, the scramble up this part is completely iced over, but Moll has managed it,  come on she must be thinking, its not hard!        4 paw drive  lol     my camera lens has just froze over so not a good pic Arghhhhhhh

                                are we going back down now??????    Yes i guess so Molly !

The sun is still lighting up the valley , more impressive now so will take a shot using the needle stone as foreground interest.      She gets in the way again!!!!!!!!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhhhh

                                             That's better , thank you for moving :)

                                                    in the way again  lol    bless her!

                                                                     Ok  , pose then !

Heading back down  , starting to get windy and snow in the air.  its been a great day even if we didn't make the summit.  but there is always next week i guess the snow will still be here.
back down to Cym Idwal now and to the bridge for a quick photo

                                    love this view, always different every time i shoot it

the view looking back up the Idwal path, we have just been up on the right hand peak that is under snow shower now.

                                 its really windy and cold here , one last pose from Mollster :D

What a fantastic day , will have to try for the summit another day. but it didn't matter as we had a great time in the snow and managed a good series of images, with & without Her!  haha


  1. Best photos with Molly! She is a true poser. Love the one with her ears standing up - very alert! :-)

  2. Amazing photos, do love your little Molly :)