Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mollsters First Summit feb 18th Y-Garn

Well, after last weeks failure to reach the summit of Y-Garn in the snow and ice !  Molly TOLD me i had to take her back as the weather was looking glorious.  who was i to ignore her, i didn't want an upset Mollster now did i?
so off we drove arriving at the Ogwen cottages at about 11.20 ish, the blue sky was great to see and most of the snow and ice had disappeared so it should not be a problem getting up to the top.
walking up the Idwal path it was quite warm in the sun and we made good progress up the main path, which is a good lead in for this image.  the snow on the mountain summit of Y-Garn is our destination.

its an easy walk up this good path , which winds itself up to Cym Idwal and the Devils Kitchen.
                       Arriving at the lake, Molly does her thing :)    posing nicely, bless her !    

the path goes up the far right hand side of the image above,  a fast walk and we are soon up high with superb views down the valley, Molly has heard something and is looking.......

There it is she barks!     its the welsh version of "fix the fells"  the helicopter is dropping bag loads of rocks and boulders for repairing/maintaining the paths.

                                         Still watching :)      Llyn Ogwen in the background.

Continuing upwards we soon get high enough to view the entire valley, Pen-yr-ole-wen taking centre stage , an imposing mountain!  Molly takes a rest and i take the opportunity of a "Tanya stop"   to take a few images:)

            Looking down to Cym Idwal over to the right with Tryfan in the centre in background.

after climbing the next steeper section we are now up to the level plateau, giving a superb view across to Pen-yr-ole-wen on the left and Tryfan to the right.

                                   she just had to get in the way again!!!  Arghhhhhh

    the summit is ahead , a scramble to negotiate first which looks like is covered in snow!   come on, hurry up she barks :D

I get up to where she is and take this wonderful image, one of the best of the day , and we have reached the snow at last.

                                           we going up there now?????????????

                               this is slippery as hell, strewth!    i need four paw drive  lol

"what a view, come on its not difficult"  she must be thinking , i just had to clamber in other peoples foot holes to get up this steep section, the snow is very solid! 

                                                            the summit is ahead  yay!

                                                          Look at my shadow!   hehe

    We have reached Mollys first summit , Y-Garn at 3,107 ft   Yay, i am so proud of her, she is having a great time and there will be loads more to come :)

                                                                    Me & the Mollster :)

                 This is the view towards Anglesey along the ridge we have just come along.

                                         Play time in the snow , and a bit of posing!     hehe  
       she runs down the steep snow and comes flying back towards me!    it is quite steep in places and i have trouble keeping upright.

       its a bit steep here she must be thinking ,  Snowdon summit is just visible over to the left.


Photos all done , its time to make our way down now, its getting windy and temperature is dropping fast even though its still sunny. 

                looking back to the summit , a line of people just leaving the summit heading this way

 Back down below the snow line and having a rest in the sun, a bit warmer down here and sheltered :)           Rest time , its been a big climb  haha                            

                                         WOW!   the wind is strong now, poor Mol !

we have now reached the bottom and come to Cym Idwal ,The low setting sun is producing the best light of the day, love seeing the rays stretching across the landscape .

             A final pose , its been a superb day, reaching her first summit , 3000 ft ,so proud of her:D

The end of another superb day up in the snowdonia mountains , cant wait for the next one :)

                                            all images taken with Canon 5dmk2 & 17-40L


  1. Fix the Fells helicopters and Tanya stops? I should have been there!
    Love the blue sky and snow. Love the Molly photos but the one of the two of you is just fab!
    Great blog.

  2. Very nice moment and blog Phil.