Monday, 11 March 2013

Posing Mollster Sunsets feb 2013

As you may have noticed , Molly (aka the Mollster)  does tend to show off posing well.  it all started taking her up on thurstaston hill over a few nights to shoot the sunsets .  there are large sandstone rock/boulders all along the ridge which gives height so would make idea platforms for her to be photographed on.
Getting up to the top a short while before the sun started to set, i found a few places that looked suitable, Mol was of coarse running around so i called her over while standing on one of the large "platforms"  she jumped up beside me and then jumped down again!  Arghhhhh   
eventually i managed to get her to stand while i backed away to take a few shots in the early evening light.

 after continuing to say "up" Mol soon started jumping up onto the rocks and started to stay on command.  such a clever girl :)

with the sun setting behind the north wales coast the wide angle lens was too wide, not giving the view i required,  I soon worked out that i needed to shoot with a long lens to pull the background foreword  ,so using my 70-300 is   i was able to fill the frame with both Mol and the strong colour i wanted.

 with the low light levels i had to shoot high iso to keep a decent high shutter speed but i also bracketed exposure +- one stop and have merged them to give the desired image.

                      the sun is now producing its strongest colour , zooming in to give this shot

without bracketing, the camera calculated the exposure from the background giving the classic silhouette .
i experimented with this for a later image.

                                                             sunset looks great now :D

Mollster has got the hang of it with repeated "up" calls and pointing at the rocks , even after moving to watch people and dogs passing she immediately went back on the "up" command and sits/stands nicely :)    didn't take long , shes very clever .

                                                                          a perfect sit :)

The sun has set now and I'm glad of the image stabiliser on the lens as shutter speed quite low now.  i am not quite happy with the look of this image but she is in a nice position anyhow.

                                                                        Thats better :)

this is probably my favourite image , experimenting with bracketing to get just the right amount of light and i managing to get the last suns rays lighting up her chest :)

                               that is how Mollster learnt to pose for me   bless her :D

                        all images taken handheld with canon 5dmk2 , 17-40L and 70-300is


  1. SHe is growing up so fast! Such a good poser. Love her :-)

  2. These are gorgeous Phil. She is such a clever girl.