Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Norfolk Holiday 2013 sep 8th Horsey windpump & Seals

Sunday morning and a glorious blue sky awaits us as we emerge from the caravan , Horsey wind pump ( windmill) is our destination, its not too far away on the edge of Horsey mere.
arriving at the car park its fairly busy already and i can see the small garden next to the car park where Swallowtail butterfly's are seen earlier in the year , pity we are just a bit late to see them.
walking past the small office/cafe/gift shop a ranger says good morning and mentions the Horsey seal viewing trips he takes, but says its an easy, but long walk over to the coast and the beach , no roads!   we will go later early afternoon we decide.

 we climb up to the top of the tower, where Jan takes this image ,why didn't i think of this?

                                             Great view over to Horsey mere from up here.

                      taking the short walk around to the mere taking images as we go...........

We are now walking across the fields to the coast far in the distance, quite remote so that's probably why the seal population is safe there without too much disturbance.   looking back at the wind pump there is alot of white cloud bubbling up .....

                Arriving at the beach, its superb and great cloud formation adds to the image :)

the dogs go straight in & up pop the seals :)    they are very inquisitive, walk away from the surf edge they disappear!

i can see at least 5 seals , and they are coming quite close to the edge of beach, watching the dogs presumably!

                                 Chester's thinking," hurry up throw the ball in again! "

               look how close the seals are now.   watch out dogs you might get eaten!    lol

Some very dark black clouds have come from behind us, the light is going to be awesome in a few minutes. it has gone very dark overhead but the sun is lighting up the sand :)

here i am shooting the following images.........             no colour adjustments have been made

         cant believe this light now, and i managed somehow to get the ball in the image also :)

                                                    Mollster is covered in sand now   hehe

Time to go now , and it looks like rain approaching in the distance behind the wind pump.  we must get a move on!

                                                                       that is a rain storm! 

we have made it back to the car park and moments after i shoot this image its torrential rain for about 10 minutes

then ........................  moments later            amazing difference in a few seconds

                                        the end of a fantastic day in Norfolk,  or is it???

       the sunset this evening turned out like this, and i went out shooting    continued in next blog

          images shot with canon 5dmk2, 14-40L , 70-300 IS , i-phone & htc1 mobiles

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