Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Norfolk Sunsets 8th Sept 2013

After a superb day at Horsey when we got near to the caravan site the sky was looking good for a few sunset images , so leaving Jan & Chester back at the van i took Mollster for a short walk around the nearby lanes to hopefully shoot a few images.

the first image from top of the lane , but i needed to find a few solitary trees for a better composition.

a little better but need better !     i dont think the sun set is going to be a great one, but will see what happens.

Walking down a small track between fields towards a few trees in a more open aspect , it is looking a bit more like what i am after.  The colour is decreasing unfortunatly :(

                                        a little bit closer filling the frame with the largest tree

                                   walking slightly further away to get this final image 

                                                 the end of a superb day in Norfolk
                               images shot with canon 5dmk2  and 17-40L & 70-300 is

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