Monday, 13 January 2014

Norfolk Holiday september 7th 2013 pt1

Having driven the caravan down to Norfolk on Friday which took about 7 hours , we have set up in a lovely quiet camp site near Ludham . the Weather is looking good for the first few days at least and tomorrow there is a maritime festival at Gt Yarmouth.  Saturday morning arrives and deep blue sky  Perfect!

Arriving at Gt Yarmouth we have a look around the shops first then make our way to South Quay where the festival is situated, the dogs are well behaved so far but i don't think Mollster is going to like the crowds.   there are ships moored along the quay and stalls selling assorts of food and gifts along the narrow walkway.

                                                                   a steam powered tug boat

                                                    love the blue sky against the masts

Molly is not liking all the crowds, but as we have walked the entire length of the quay we have decided to leave and take the dogs for a run on the beach, the area to the left of the pier is dog friendly so we are heading there.  here is our first view across the sand dunes :)     Its really windy down here , but fairly warm

                                             it hasn't taken long for them to get wet!  lol

                                                                           Haha  Chester !

the waves are getting bigger with almost high tide

                                      Ooops  Chester has just been swamped by a wave!   

                                                       a wet  Mollster is posing again :)

                            a short video of Chester being swamped by another wave   lol

                               Big clouds are appearing now , but dont think it will rain

      Come on, we have to go now dogs!            Nooo  we want to stay they must be thinking!

                      back in the sand dunes to try and dry them off a bit with chasing the ball

hay is being bailed in all the fields around Ludham , more of them another day

almost the end of our first day in Norfolk , back at the caravan Jan gets the dinner on while i go up the lane to photograph the sun set

Sundays forecast is for more sunny weather so we are going to Horsey windpump which is only half hour away.

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