Monday, 20 January 2014

Norfolk Holiday sept 9th Cromer/Blakeney

Today we are going to Cromer then along to Blakeney .  its another clear blue sky day, we have been so lucky with the weather on our holidays this year :)
parking near the centre of town we head for the promenade, walking down through a small series of gardens down onto the lower level near the beach.

Our first view of the pier

part of the gardens that split the high level promenade

heading down to the prom and the colourful beach huts :)    after fresh doughnuts that is!

the dogs are soon in the sea :)

Its a superb view down the beach, plenty of shingle makes interesting foreground in these two images

                                         a last run on the beach before we head of to Blakeney

                                                colourful buildings on way back to the car

Arriving at the quayside at Blakeney ,this beautiful hotel is stunning with pebbled walls.  after an ice creme we ask the ranger about getting to Blakeney point, where the seal colony is,  but it is a very long walk over shingle from further down the coast road so we decide to take the circular walking path from here which just goes around the Marsh's.

Fabulous view :)

its very warm out here in the sun, a beautiful day for a good walk, Blakeney Point where the seals are is directly in front of us over to the left. a long long walk evidently :(

                                                              Big Sky's and boats   lol

The weather is starting to look at bit iffy now even though clear blue sky looking out to sea in front of us

A windmill that we passed on the road can be seen in the distance, used to pump water out of the fields/marsh's presumably

Being Watched by 3 pairs of eyes  lol

Im being photographed while photographing  lol

Mollster has spotted something over the fields !

The clouds are building over Blakeney now, and its starting spit with rain, hope we don't get caught out here with no coats or shelter.  mutual decision to turn back now , its been a long day after all.

its low tide now, pity we haven't seen the area with high tide, would look completely different without all the mud flats

just had to shoot this sign!

the end of another day in Norfolk , tomorrows forecast is for torrential rain ALL day  so will not be going out much , a lazy day me thinks  lol

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