Thursday, 20 February 2014

Norfolk Dragon hunt at Hickling Broad sept 15th 2013

It is our final full day in Norfolk , its dry at the moment but heavy rain is forecast for later, so an early start to head to Hickling Broad nature reserve which is not very far from our campsite . it is quite overcast so don't expect to take many photos today .

After entering the site walking down one of the first paths i have spotted a male Migrant Hawker perched in a gorse bush , but after just 3 shots its gone! 

                                    then a female .............   which also does a flyer :(

i have not seen any more and have walked through a wetland marsh area with nothing to be seen flying either.  although its quite windy out in the open.

                                                              a nice garden cross spider
having walked around this thatched roof bird hide we have come to a boardwalk edged in tall reeds, it is very sheltered and there are loads of Migrants sheltering from the wind,

 even though i only have my 14 -40mm lens i will try shooting these dragons as they look fairly cold and should not fly off when i get really close to them.

a male on my finger, i do have a habit of getting these type of shots :)

                                 and a Female , showing its different colours 

so strange seeing sails crossing fields :D

                            I have found a beautifully perched male on this reed stem :)

 it has started raining, so that's the last dragon shot for today , walking around the reserve i take a few random images then quickly back to the car before we get soaked!

                                               back to the caravan to wake up the dogs :)

                                                 Ooops  Chester doesn't look to happy!

      The end of our week in Norfolk ,  in the morning its a beautiful blue sky!    Arghhhhhhhhhh   

  a few images of Grove farm barns where we stayed , it has holiday cottages as well as caravan site

                                              the field where we stayed , very quiet.

                                                            a last image from Norfolk :)

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