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Magical Hawkstone Park & Follies 29 th september 2013

Today we have decided to visit Hawkstone park in Shropshire which is about an hours drive towards Shrewsbury. Dogs have to be kept on leads , but as there are tunnels,caves, bridges etc that's probably a good idea with the Terrible Twosome : )
  i have been here before quite a long time ago, but Jan hasn't so will be a good days walk.
The entrance building really sets the theme of the medieval magical park.

We have walked up through the wood to "the Monument" passing the white tower, it is quite warm already so will not try climbing the tower.  or just too lazy  lol

                          Chester has taken a liking to a wood sculpture, and is rubbing it haha

having walked along the Terrace we have come to the "swiss bridge"  its very narrow and might have to persuade mollster to cross it!  lol

she is crouching down as she walks  lol

                                  the view of the Grotto from the top of Swiss bridge

going down steps to the bottom and then through a narrow gorge to take us to the Grotto via a cave : )

            are we going through here ?    mollster must be thinking , have you brought a torch?

there is a big tunnel system with huge chambers cut out of the rocky outcrop that is called "the Grotto"   this is why it said bring a torch  lol   the dogs don't seem to be bothered about the dark enclosed spaces.

we have emerged out near to the Gothic Arch , this is the heighest viewpoint in this area of Shropshire, a good place to build this lookout i guess.

                                        looking across to Ravens shelf, the views are superb

                                                    the "Terrible Twosome" posing : )

we have walked back around through another couple of short tunnels , climbed up and emerged on St   Francis viewpoint and cave, but it is crowded up here with no place to rest, i take this image looking over the ravine to the Gothic Arch before continuing on our way.

a nice Fungi image shot with phone : )

                                                           a small house   lol

the path is cut out of the sandstone running around the lower cliff side, its quite narrow in places and forms a sun trap , Chester is suffering in the heat and looks completely worn out    Awwwwww

                                                 Jan thought this sign was hilarious!  

another short tunnel in the cliff side and we are on a level path around the rock face back down to the woods where we came in.

                                                 back to the car now after a great day out :)

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