Friday, 1 August 2014

Pearls in North Wales 5th May 2014

Its a long bank holiday weekend in Ruthin with Jan and the Terrible Twosome, and hopefully as the weather is much warmer than this time last year. The Pearl Bordered Fritillaries will have emerged up at Eyarth rocks, which is a butterfly conservation site which protects this species of butterfly.
                                          It is a lovely camp site just outside Ruthin.

                                       The Terrible Twosome have settled in ok after the drive :)

it must have been a stunning house when in good condition, such a shame to see it like this now

                                                         a few of the locals are watching us, mother and...

                                                                 Awwwwww   cute :)

the next morning we are heading for Eyarth Rocks , its about 40 minutes walk up into the hills :)   looking a beautiful day for a nice walk even if the butterflies are not there.

                  Taking the bridal way i have just shot this miner bee on a dandylion flower:)

 Heading up the steep path through the woods that will eventually come out at the reserve , the silver birch make a good contrast with the bluebells

                                                    Moll in a sea of Forget-me-Knots :D

Finally we come to the reserve entrance , in the clearings Bracken just starting to come up and bluebells still in flower, would be great to photograph a butterfly sitting on one of those :)

 This is the area where the Pearls should be found , i have a good look while we are walking through but cannot see any butterflies .

 It is quite warm now and the sun is starting to come through the light cloud giving lovely light, If i can find something to shoot!  Jan and the dogs are taking a rest near the top.........while i go for a hunt.

                           After just a few minutes i have just spotted my first Pearl :)   Yay!

This is the area , i have spotted 3 or 4 now and they look like they must have just emerged as they are not flying too far before settling.

                                                     Now to find a nicely perched Butterfly :)

Found one on a Bracken frond, just sitting drying its wings, this will make a perfect subject to photograph:)



             moving slightly  i can get out of focus blue bells give a different background colour :)

                 It has flown a short distance with me chasing it and perched halfway up an old stem ,                                                          love the back lit wings :D

        and now to get the mpe-65 out to do a portrait :)     focus stacked to increase depth of field

                 I'm happy now , so we are continuing the walk and i have just shot this dandy :)

 We are now back to the field after a really good morning walk , agreat avenue of trees and ..........

the end of a good day :)
its "Yoda" the sheep :D

A normal Lamb :)

                                                                   a magnificent oak.

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