Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Two Evenings of Glorious Sunsets may 13/16th

The weather was looking good for the next couple nights so i may as well make the most of them down at New Brighton.      no particular order , just a few of my favorites :)

                                                   Tide coming in with strong wind

                                      Ships Silhouetted against the sunset windfarm

                   I stopped off on way down the promenade on the way home to shoot this afterglow.

 Two days later i was down on the end of the beach over to the right of Perch Rock lighthouse, the tide was just turning and the sun coloured up beautifully with different shades of gold,orange and red.

                          Slight slow shutter to smooth out the tide which had just turned.

                                                             Close up of the windfarm

          45 second exposure as the sun drops below the horizon, as water lapped around tripod legs!

                                                   Perch Rock Panorama after sunset.

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