Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Whixall Dragons and Bugs 18/19 th May 2014

Time for another bug hunt, Dragons hopefully this morning , Whixall moss in Shropshire is my destination and i should be able to see the rare White face darters :)
 parking at the Roundhouse car park i make my way towards the White face darter pools , i soon spot a dungfly which i shoot with the mpe-65 macro lens and then come across.......................

A cold Bee :)     it quite happily warms itself on my finger while i take a series of shots, again with the mpe, resting the lens barrel on my fingers in front of the Bee.

                                             Yay   my first Dragon   a four spot chaser :)

                                        and another one!   they look fairly freshly emerged .

         I have spent ages watching the Dragons flying around the White face darter pools but not managed any pictures of them , until i spot one on a walkway

          another one perched way out in the pool , had to crop heavily even from a 400mm lens shot

i have not seen much else this morning so will go home and go out tomorrow down to the river Dee in search of Demoiselles .

                Early Monday morning i have driven to just upstream of Chester to Aldford on the river Dee , i might find a Clubtail Dragonfly if I'm lucky but its quite windy and think shooting anything is going to be a challenge today!          passing the beautiful bridge, while keeping a look out for the resident Kingfisher i walk down to the field side path ..

          A female Banded Demoiselle , they are really skittish and i just cant get close to them

there are quite a few but i am not getting anywhere near them today :(       a long leg Orb web spider hides under a nettle leaf.

                                                   and a pair of Sawflies mating

I have given up, will drive just down the road to Churton to see if any Hairy dragonflies are in the pool , crossing the field i soon spot a newly emerged Four spot chaser

                                       and then my target species,  Hairy Dragonfly :)

                                 an interesting two mornings shooting Dragons

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