Friday, 29 August 2014

Pembrokeshire Holiday pt2 Terrible Twosome on Barafundle Beach 15th June 2014

 Today we are going to find Barafundle Bay , having driven down very narrow lanes we have parked at Stackpole Quay and the path takes us over the headland to Barafundle.        Our first view of the Bay , tides out and its almost deserted!   the sky is clearing fast with clear blue sky coming this way :)

                                          Terrible Twosome are already in the water :)

                                                   Having loads of fun getting wet    lol

                                                    Mollster has just soaked Jan    hehe

                                                    "Fang"    Chesters new nick name :)

     With its  beautiful rocky edges to the bay , and caves the dogs are investigating.........

                                                 Im in the cave now :)     looking out........

We eventually walk up the steep path and back up over the headland towards Stackpole car park

Posing Mollster :)

                                       Last view of the beach , what a wonderful sight .

                             Tomorrows weather in the morning is not looking good :( 

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