Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Snowy Lakes Trip Jan19 2015

There had been a good snow fall a few days ago up in the Lake district, so i decided to go for a walk around Thirlmere/Helvelyn.  Arriving at the Swirls car park i start my walk over the wooden bridge going up the Helvelyn path as i have always done , Mollster hasn't been up here , but not sure how far we will get today as the conditions don't look too good up top.

                                Making the steep climb up looking down the valley below .

                                                             Sun shining on Skiddaw.

 The steep slopes above Thirlmere.  plenty of snow on Armboth fell (i think)  and the surrounding fells opposite.

                                                        Mol rolling in the snow :)     yay

                          Looking up towards Browncove Crags , looks like it is snowing!

                                          Time to pose Mollster  , great view from up here :)

                                              The view Without a posing Mutt!!!!!!!   lol

       Upwards we go , its getting a bit icy for my micro spikes!  the wind has blown all the loose snow away leaving compacted snow/ice.    I have decided to stop here and turn back as i don't feel its safe to carry on!    its a shame after reaching  2,467 ft and almost getting near the top of the steepest section before it levels off , but !  the steep ice here it too dangerous for me to come back down safely. A couple of other climbers have also decided to go back also , except one young girl without any equipment , spikes or crampons who has continued with another climber!!!!!!!  stupid!

                                               Snow blowing in from the right now.

                                   Stopping on way down to shoot the fells :)  blue sky now.

                                            The wind has chiseled the snow into patterns

                                                              More posings Mol :)

                                 Sun lights up the snow on the foreground boulder :)

 Almost back down , i think i will head into Keswick to the Chippy , then Castle Rig stone circle.

 I have now arrived at the stone circle, i have always struggled to get good images from here , the snow on the fells with the blue sky looks great today :)

 Looking in the opposite direction, the light on the fells is awesome!    i quickly put my long 100-400 lens on and shoot this, my favourite image of the day so far .

the fells are, Thanks to Ray for naming these fells ;)    the long lens has compressed the field of view bringing the furthermost fells closer.

      Catbells (451m), Robinson (737m), High Stile (807m) & Red Pike (755m) on the horizon.

                                   And looking past the stone circle to the sunlit fells beyond!

                                       panorama of the circle  view larger HERE

                                                   Thick cloud over the fell tops now.

  A long exposure of 125 seconds 17mm wide angle as the sun starts to get lower and colour up the clouds a touch.

Looking across to Derwent water and the sun getting lower i must get going to see if i can shoot the sunset over the lake.
The sun is setting now and looks like it might be a nice one, so i am going to drive down to Keswick again and walk to Friars crag to shoot over  Derwent water.      Arriving just in time , the sun is setting already so i have not got time to walk to Friars crag ,its a better vantage point near the landing stages, so i quickly set up tripod and Lee filters to shoot long exposures with the Big stopper.

There are loads of seagulls and ducks on the water in front of me but the long exposure ghosts them out of view :)

                                                                  39 seconds f13 iso 200

I should have left Mollster in the car , she is pulling to get to the ducks that someone is feeding and as i was kneeling down framing an image, she has just pulled me over!!!!!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhhh

                 I have put the long lens on to fill the frame with colour,  really like the result :D

                                                          35 seconds f11 iso 200

                                                          105 seconds  f11 iso 200

                                                    The end of a great day in the lakes :)

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