Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Y-Garn and Snowdon Temperature Inversions pt 2

Continuing the Superb day up in the welsh mountains, with the Inversion having almost dispersed on the Ogwen valley side of Y-Garn , my attentions have turned around towards Snowdon , The mountains all the way to Cadair Idris in mid wales are surrounded by the Inversions . Using long lens has the effect of compressing the view making them all look much closer together than they actually are.   what an amazing sight to see :)

                                                             A Panorama of Snowdon    

                                                   A closer view of the Snowdon Massif .

                                                             And Tryfan and Glyder Fach.

It is now looking like the cloud Inversion is filling Ogwen valley again , it is sweeping in up Nant Ffrancon valley from Anglesey and filling the valley floor as i sit watching.   Amazing!

                                   A long panorama of Snowdon with a lone figure watching :)   
                                                                     View large HERE

                                               A shorter panorama of the clouds swirling.
                                                                   view large HERE

                                                       A long lens image of the clouds :D

                A nice wide panorama with Snowdon on the left across to Elidir Fawr on the right.
                           Llanberis and Llyn Padarn are somewhere down there in the middle .

                                                          Looking out towards Anglesey

                                    Ogwen has now filled up again, fascinating to watch :)

                            Now turning attention to the Menai straits  , time for a long lens shot ..

    With my 400mm on now and i manage to get a group of walkers in the shot for scale, bottom left   and the  Dropped Inversion over the Menai straits :)     Its like a disaster movie Lol.

             Time to head down now , and a Brocken Spectre (cloud rainbow)  below me .

                                             Great view of Tryfan with good foreground rocks .

                                                       Yet another Brocken Spectre  Yay

The low sun is illuminating the Glyderau and the Inversion , which is looking darker than it did this morning. presumably due to lower sun angle. i will sit here a while just watching the cloud moving around in the sun while its still quite warm .

                                                       Descending into the cloud!!!!!!

Cant believe how much movement there is in this cloud, one minute it is thick and cant see anything, then its clear again!!!!!!!    weird.

                                                                     Suns out again  lol

                   I have now climbed almost down to the  Cym Idwal level , its cold down here :(

                           Llyn Idwal is now in view through the cloud , which has lifted a bit again.

   Pen-yr-ole-wen just visible through the cloud , amazing!

The end of one of my best ever mountain days  ,  definitely the best cloud Inversions i have ever seen .
The difference in temperature between the warm mountain tops in the sun and the almost freezing cold down at ground level is hard to believe.

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