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Dorset holiday Abbotsbury sub tropical gardens 16/17th sept 2014

So, the weather forecast was for a nice clear morning , Now i just don't get up early, but the chance of a sunrise over "Man -o-war" bay was too tempting , So i have got up at 6am , struggled out with camera and made my way down to Durdle Door , where all i can see is cloud!!!!!!!!!!!      and another very unhappy photographer!

this is what i am looking at........................

                        I am NEVER again getting up early for a bloody sunrise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

After a few hours sleep  , its time to go out  , the cloud is clearing now!!!!!    dam typical isn't it.

We are going to Abbotsbury Sub tropical gardens which is the other side of Weymouth ,  i have done my back in , must have been sometime yesterday while shooting the spider , i am in agony now and can hardly walk :(         but I'm not letting that stop us going out.     Walking into the gardens, or in my case Hobbling like an ape we slowly make our way around the gardens.

 I have spotted a hummingbird hawk moth feeding , amazing to watch but very hard to photograph , its dull under the huge trees so cannot get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the fast moving moth!

                                           And a Red Admiral drinking on duckweed in a pond.

                                                           an Infinity pool full of fish :)

                                                                Think Chester looks bored!

                                         Chester almost fell in the pond!!!!!!!!   Haha

                                                       Must smell interesting Hey Chester?

                                                               the Infinity pool again

                                        At the exit now after an enjoyable but painful walk !

Heading towards Portland Bill now, but a brief stop to look at Chesil beach:)

                     We are now at the lighthouse , its a bit blowy !    but hardly a cloud in the sky.

                                          One last image , taken on my phone this one :)

 Now to Weymouth for dinner , and what turned out to be a good sunset which i have missed while trying to find an open Chippy!     it seems the town has shut early :(

The next morning its raining so a lie in and no rush to get up , eventually it brightens up and we walk down to Durdle to give the Jurassic Duo a walk before we decide what to do, my back is still killing me :(

                                                                    "Man - o - War" bay

                                    Love the colour the chalk gives the water at high tide :)

                                                  Mollster is getting wet again   lol

 Chester is swimming well :)

                                                                  Mollster doesn't  want to go :(

                                    The long steep path back up to the camp site ............

 The afternoon we are going for a short walk up to the White horse at Osmington , a chalk horse on the hill side which is a good area for butterflies , hopefully i might see Clouded Yellows :)
 After a short drive and walk along bridleways we can see the horse , its a bit dull :(

                                                    Small copper on a thistle seed head..

 The hill side has loads of wild flowers .   i am still in pain but not as bad as earlier this morning , so I'm keeping an eye out for the CYs .  as soon as we reach the area in above image , i spot 2 Clouded Yellows , and dash as fast as i can down the hill steps after them , but not fast enough and i have lost sight of them :(

Jan is questioning how i can manage to run down the hill with a bad back ????????????    Mmmmm  priorities  Clouded Yellow more important than Pain!!!!!!!
 Quite a few common blues and a few Adonis blues ,   this one is a bit worn , possibly an Adonis but not 100% sure.

                      No more Yellows :(     Think Jan saw one up top Arghhhhhhh 

                                                                      A Common Blue.

We walk up to the horse , but cant see much , its all overgrown and close up cant see the outline very well.     time to make the slow walk back to the car now.

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