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Jurassic Coast Durdle Door Holiday sep 2014 pt1

Since i am up to date with this years adventures, i can now try to catch up with last years :)
starting with a week in Dorset at Durdle Door .

We loaded the Jurassic Duo ( aka   terrible twosome) into the car and set off with the caravan for the Durdle Door holiday park , its about 5 & half hours drive from the wirral.
After a good journey down and setting up the van it is now 4.20 so time for a quick walk down to see Durdle Door and give the Jurassic Duo a leg stretch :)

                                        "Man o War" bay which is the left hand beach

                                                            "Durdle Door" selfi :)

                                                                    a Mollster shot :)

We are walking along the cliff top path and i cant believe what i have just spotted!    a Kestrel perched on a post, and i have left my long lens in the van!   Arghhhh       Jan keeps hold of Mol and i creep through the long grass to see how close i can get , i only have a 17-40mm lens on camera so will need to get Very close!  which i don't do :(    

                             Anyhow,  continuing the walk , a classic composition of the Door :)

Time to let the dogs have a run , walking back the other way to go down onto Man o War beach, it is a steep clamber down to the shingle beach.

                             Well, that didn't take long did it :)     getting well and truly wet!

                                                                      She looks happy   lol

The beach is quite red up here at the top , i must come back and shoot it some time this week when there is better light.

Back up the steep path to the park now and some dinner , the clouds are turning red as the sun sets , maybe i should have stayed out to shoot it but its been a long day.

       The next morning we are going to walk along the coastal path to the famous Lulworth Cove :)
Think Jan wants to drive but i make her walk   lol    its only a mile and quarter i think :)
The white cliffs look great ,  Weymouth is directly ahead in the distance, we where going to stay in a caravan park over there , But this location is Spectacular to say the least!

After a good walk we arrive at Lulworth Cove , the path was quite steep coming down into the village , will be a hard climb going back, i think Jan will blame me for walking   Ooops   lol

                                                                    This is "Stair Hole"

                                              The village nestled in between rolling hills :)

          Lulworth Cove behind us ,  beautiful water colour with the chalk washed out of the cliffs .

 Down onto the shingle,we having walked around to keep away from all the people and the no dog zone.

Chester is swimming again  , he is fearless in the water , while Mol just lets him fetch the ball.  A young boy boy has started throwing stones into the water and Mollster is going mad trying to get them , and she wont follow us!    Arghhhhhh    i hate her sometimes, so disobedient unlike good Chester .

Eventually we catch her , and i have just missed a Clouded Yellow butterfly that flew over  Dam!!!!!
Great views from this side of the Cove , i want to carry on walking but Jan doesn't , So we don't go any further.    It is a long way back and an ice creme would be nice right now :)

We start walking back , Mol is on her long lead and Chester is still playing in the water.   We get close to where quite a few people are and Chester suddenly runs over to a family and STEALS a Prawn sandwich out of their lunch box !!!!!!!   Jan is mortified!    so funny  HAHA     Bad Chester :D

                                                                   Ice creme Please dad  :)

Its a long walk back now , the first steep section is the hardest before the flat walk over the cliff top back to the van.

 Jan is tired,  so i am going out down to the Door to shoot the sunset on my own .  "Man o War" bay is looking superb tonight :)  love the water colour as the high tide washes chalk into the shallow water.

            Taking the high path again , a classic shot of the Door with a nice sky and water colour.

I have just come to the section of fence that the Kestrel was on last night , and low and behold its there again :)    and i have my long lens with me :D.    I am creeping along as carefully as i can , and it stays put as i get within about 15 feet of it . The low sun is illuminating it from the side with really lovely light , the feathers are a beautiful colour .

             After all that excitement i turn back to shoot a few long exposure images of Durdle Door :)

                                                                        57 seconds at f14

                                                              and without the nd filter

After waiting for the sun to start setting , i shoot this from the end of the high path before it climbs up Swyre Head . just as the sun goes behind the cliff top and a lovely glow over Weymouth now :)

Sundown now and cloud has appeared from the horizon, its not going to get any better than this now i fear :(

     Clambering down onto the shingle near the Arch, i shoot a long exposure as it gets dark :)
I have been out for ages and Jan will be wondering where i am , and i still have the steep arduous climb back up to the top to make .

                                                                  242 seconds  iso200  f11

            a great image to finish of the first full day , tomorrow we are going to Corfe Castle.

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