Monday, 13 February 2017

Dorset Holiday pt2 Bat Head Portland Bill

I have actually got up early for once to catch a sunrise ,  Yes  i have !      shock horror......................
On Durdle Door beach the clear sky is not good , but behind me the beautiful soft colours are fabulous .

                                                            Bat Head sunrise  1 second

                                        Lovely glow on the water in this image .  0.8 seconds

           Later in the day we have travelled to Portland bill , to the lighthouse and Pulpit Rock.

                                  Jan and the Terrible Twosome are watching me shooting .

                              Pulpit Rock while waiting for sunset .    long exposure 99 seconds

                 Sunset time , starnge sky tonight , but got colour on the low rock in the foreground .

                                            5 frames merged   5 seconds up to 25 seconds


                                                                        After Sundown
                                                                           25 seconds 

                                                                           25 seconds

                                                       and lastly Portland Bill lighthouse

                                                                          8 seconds

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