Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Prague at Night 2 nd January 2017

Continuing on from Morning adventure in the snow  
  The sun is setting and the lights are starting to come on along the river.  i am on the side of Charles Bridge looking across the river ,plenty of snow on the rooftops on the castle district.

                                  30 second exposure looking across to the castle district.

 I have now moved upstream of Charles Bridge , the snow is still on the wooded deflectors making a good focal point.
                                                                13 second exposure

    A slightly longer 30 second  shutterspeed gives a bit of movement as the water falls over the weir.

 A quick run over the bridge to take a couple images as the lights come on , then i have to get back to the hotel to pick up Jan.

 After dinner we are walking back to the river , the square below the bridge still has a bit of snow left and the small Christmas market is still open.  a long exposure has ghosted all the people out .

 We have walked upstream to the National Theatre , there is a small island where i can get a good view of the castle all lit up.

 There is Still snow on the island below the lights , the sky is crystal clear tonight and the castle looks stunning!

                In the distance , the Petrin Tower is very clear tonight  , shot with 100-400 mm lens .

                              A five frame vertical panorama shot with the 100 -400 mm lens

                                                         And a close up  , stunning!

Reflections in the river also , its getting very cold now, and i cant take my gloves off for very long.
Jan wants to head back now , i think its about minus 7 !!!!!   Brrrrrrrr.

                                           Looking downstream as we cross the bridge.

 As there are not too many people on the bridge, i stop to take a few long exposure shots , hoping to ghost out any moving people that get in the way , it has only partly worked , just too many standing still taking photos unfortunately.     But a great image despite a few "Ghosts"

 My final image for the day , and a cracker looking down the bridge through the arch to the church on the hill behind.

The end of a fantastic day .......................... 

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