Sunday, 12 February 2017

Durdle Door September 2016 pt 1

Catching up on a few images from last year , we stayed at the Durdle Door caravan site.

                                          Durdle Door from the beach , long exposure

                                                                   "Man - o - War" bay

                                  Getting dark now , so quite long exposures  , 2 minutes

                                     Close up of the rocks , it was quite dark at this point.

                                         The following day we went to Old Harrys Rocks

                    A long exposure of 30 seconds with Lee Big stopper  to give cloud movement.  

Durleston Country park and i only managed to find one wasp spider , it was quite breezy so most images were slightly soft ,   note to self -  use 5d2 next time instead of 5dsr!

                                                  9 frames focus stacked , hand held

                                             "Man - 0 - War" bay  with the Terrible Twosome

                                              The Door nearing sunset long exposure

Looking towards Bat Head at sunset

             Sunset , but it faded very quickly before could get any decent exposures after sundown

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