Monday, 6 February 2017

Prague River walks 3/4 th January 2017

It is 6 am and i have got up and walked down to the bridge hoping for a nice sunrise ,   That's something i very rarely shoot as i can never get up   lol
On the bridge there is at least a few breaks in the cloud and i might just get a bit of colour.   Its fairly quiet but a few other photographers are on the bridge already.

                      There is a bit of colour , a long exposure of 140 seconds at f14 for this image.

                     46 seconds for this one , the cloud is building but is still well broken.

 Looking up river and that's were the best colour is unfortunately.     the yellow Penguins really stand out in front of the modern art museum.

                                                      Love the snow covered roofs .

One last bridge shot ,  47 seconds.      a load of photographers are standing still at the end of the bridge so the long exposure hasn't ghosted them out.

                            The colour hasn't reached behind me over the castle ,  never mind.

                      Its 8.32 and i had better get back to the hotel and see if Jan is up yet  haha.

After breakfast of Caramel waffles and hot chocolate we are walking up river past the penguins .

                                                        We are at the Penguins , selfi time

                                                                   Very Strange!

 We have walked up to the next bridge upstream where the mid river island is, and we have gone down on to Strelecky ostrov ( shooters island)
                               A long exposure for this image   43 seconds with little stopper

After a walk around a local christmas market  and through the castle , stopping off for more mulled wine for Jan i have left her at the hotel for a fast walk up to Letna hill to shoot the river after dark.
100-400 mm lens for this image  8 seconds f14

                 And stopping off to shoot the bridge from the swan feeding area on the way back.

    Our last evening in Prague we take a last look around old town square , firstly the Astronomical clock.

We are leaving today , its a bit snowy at moment but forecast is for clearing up , so a walk down the river past Letna to the island and back before we have to leave for the airport.

An hour later and its beautiful , a 30 second exposure looking across river to the castle lit up with sunlight.

                           A lovely walk along the river and onto the island looking for the weir.

                            It has clouded over now so a b&w conversion is best for this image.

The end of a fabulous few days in Prague ,  and after almost getting snowed in at the airport we arrived home safe and sound at 2 am in the morning .

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